life boost coffee review

Detailed Lifeboost Coffee Review 2021 – Is It Really Worth The Cost?

Finding a coffee that is both tasty and good for you, can be a struggle. Many coffee brands don’t think about the connection between healthy coffee and our wellbeing.

Luckily for us, there is one brand that’s working hard so that you and I could guiltlessly enjoy healthy coffee that’s safe to drink, low-acid, and environmentally friendly at the same time. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into Lifeboost coffee review: the roasts, the flavor, the benefits, and much more!

Discover why coffee connoisseurs from all over are so impressed with Lifeboost coffee!

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lifeboost coffee review

What is LifeBoost Coffee?

Lifeboost is a gourmet coffee brand that boasts of providing one of the best and healthiest coffees on the market. Founded by a coffee connoisseur Dr. Charles Livingstone, it is organic single-origin coffee from the mountains of Nicaragua.

The story with Lifeboost coffee began because the man behind the brand was looking for a healthier approach to his daily coffee; more focus, cleaner energy, and more freshness, without any compromise to the taste.

Sourcing their coffee from Nicaragua, the brand only selects the top 0.5% of Arabica beans, paying extreme care to every step of their coffee production with environmentally-friendly methods.

Since the beginning, LifeBoost has received numerous reviews from its satisfied users, especially because it’s low acid and organic coffee, both clean and healthy.

Lifeboist coffee has a wide array of certifications available as they have a strict approach to growing and harvesting coffee.

Why Are They Different?

Unlike many cheap coffee brands, Lifeboost Organic Coffee strives to provide the highest quality beans and grounds to its users.

The man behind the brand, Dr. Charles Livingstone, figured that the world consumes enormous amounts of coffee. And since we’re all going it daily, we may as well do it the right way: from bean to cup.

He wanted to make sure that we, the coffee consumers and the coffee farmers, got the most from their coffee: not just the flavor, but healthy coffee that’s safe to drink, environmentally friendly, and fair to the workers in the chain of production.

In other words, they source organic, ethical coffee that’s free of any pesticides, mycotoxins, and other harmful ingredients.

What’s more, their coffee is low acid, shade-grown, and non-GMO. They support farmers and ensure not to damage any wildlife in the process of harvesting coffee beans.

Additionally, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you didn’t like their coffee. No questions asked!

Lifeboost Coffee Taste

Now, the most important part of the coffee, let’s talk about the taste. You can brew it with many different brewing methods (hot or cold brew).

There are many different opinions about the taste, but in general, many people who tried it, swear by it, especially because it’s low acid (meaning that it’s easier on the stomach) and organic.

Overall, Lifeboost has a bold yet smooth flavor; it’s clean with low acidity and very little bitterness as long as you brew it correctly. In general, Nicaraguan coffee is normally flavorful and complex.

For more detailed tasting notes, feel free to watch the following video:

How is Life Boost Coffee Made?

The beans are single-origin which means they come from a single farm in Nicaragua; more specifically, from an area that’s nationally protected. The beans are grown at an altitude of more than 5,700 feet above sea level.

What’s more, the beans are also shade-grown. That means that the Guava trees protect the coffee plants as well as improve the flavor, and boost natural sugars in the beans.

When the coffee cherries ripen, they’re handpicked and fermented for 26 hours to seal in the flavor and to prevent any potential damage to the beans. Then, they are hand-washed and sun-dried. After they rest for a month, they are shipped to the roaster.

In other words, Lifeboostcoffee is grown and processed as purely and naturally as possible. Additionally, the farmers are well-compensated for their work since the coffee is also Fair-Trade certified. That means the farmers don’t get exploited and underpaid for their hard work.

Where is Lifeboost Coffee Grown?

The company sources its coffee from a farm in Nicaragua, Central America.

Standard Coffees

To keep coffee straightforward and simple, Lifeboost offers a selection of standard coffees you can enjoy day after day; from light roast that’s slightly higher in acidity and caffeine, to a delicious decaf coffee for when you want to avoid that kick of buzz.

Light Roast

Premium coffee beans of this light roast are bright, slightly more acidic than regular Lifeboost (but less acidic than many other lighter roasts), and shade-grown to bring out the best of the single-origin coffee beans. 

With delicious undertones of milk chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, paired with slightly higher caffeine content, this roast will easily brighten your day.

Medium Roast

Smooth, well-balanced, and a perfect roast to get your morning started, this medium roast will surprise you with hints of cocoa and woodsy aroma while staying low acid, non-GMO, and 100% certified organic. Choose from decaf or regular coffee, whole bean, or ground.

Dark Roast

Rich, creamy, smoky, this dark roast is especially delicious when combined with creamer, but you can enjoy it on its own as well. This is a full-bodied coffee that’s close to a French roast.

For the most convenient coffee on the go, choose this in Lifeboost Go Bags – bring coffee anywhere you go, just add hot water! The bags are recyclable and perfect for camping trips, work, conferences, or vacations.

Decaf Roast

There are 4 different methods to make any coffee decaf, but Lifeboost uses the Swiss Water Process, which gives you coffee almost completely free of caffeine (99.9%). That means you can enjoy indulgent and rich coffee completely guilt-free. 

This dark decaf coffee is easy on the stomach; it’s decaf and low acid, which means it can provide you with that fuel you need any time of the day.

Specialty Coffees

Looking for unique treats? Lifeboost has a selection of roasts to soothe your coffee curiosities; from super-dark roast to a unique cold brew blend.

Midnight Roast

Heavy body, darker roast, smokey, and bold flavor. This roast isn’t for the faint-hearted. They carefully monitor the roasting process to achieve such a dark roast. Throw any amount of cream of sugar your wish – it can stand more or less anything!

Espresso Organic Coffee Beans

Lifeboost promises that their espresso beans will have you falling for the flavor and aroma of their beans. This is a flavorful, aromatic, and intense roast, as well as their darkest roast –choose from whole beans or ground coffee. Use it in one of your home espresso makers; I’ve tried it in my Moka pot and it worked just as well.

Biotics Cold Brew

Designed especially for those with sensitive stomachs, Lifeboost cold brew is an organic, specialty coffee with a potent and unique probiotic bled. While the biotics are very soothing and beneficial for your gut, they don’t alter the coffee flavor. What’s impressive about this coffee is that it’s the healthiest coffee you can buy. Prepare for a refreshing, crips cold brew that will give you clean energy without any negative side effects of regular coffee.

Flavored Roasts

In order to cater to a wide variety of coffee lovers, Lifeboost developed a series of flavored roasts that add maximum flavor into your cup without compromise: these are free of sugar, artificial ingredients, and chemicals. Just the way Lifeboost does it: healthy, unique, and available all year round. Here are some of my favorites!


This is a tasty treat for any gingerbread lover. Don’t wait for the holiday season, brew a cup of two of this flavored coffee! It’s made with natural ingredients, without any sugars, chemicals, and artificial extracts. Prepare to get swooned.

Peppermint Mocha

Holiday season in a cup- that’s what this flavored roast is all about. It combines crisp peppermint with sweet chocolate hits you’ll find impossible to resist.

French Vanilla

This medium-roast flavored coffee is an absolute treat. It’s sweet and comforting, with just the right amount of flavor and an authentic feel. Choose from whole beans or ground coffee.

Caramel Macchiato

Just like with vanilla roast, the flavors aren’t overpowering. You’ll be able to taste those sweet hints of caramel that make every sip more enjoyable than the previous one. It’s creamy, decadent, with a hint of vanilla. Just perfect caramel macchiato.

Lifeboost Coffee Review: Pros & Cons

Lifeboost coffee isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s designed for people who want low-acid coffee that tastes great, without any harmful ingredients.


  • Single-origin beans
  • low acid coffee
  • healthy coffee
  • shade-grown
  • certified organic and fair trade
  • pesticide-free and non-GMO
  • smooth flavor
  • different roasts available
  • k-cups and GO Bags available
  • mycotoxin-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • pricey
  • zero origin variety
  • About The Company

    Lifeboost company sources its coffee from Nicaragua. They use only 100% Arabica beans without any pesticides. After all, their main focus is to provide healthy coffee from a healthy environment.

    The company offers

    No matter what coffee you choose, there’s an option to go for either whole bean or ground coffee.

    What’s more, you can choose to opt-in for their coffee subscription if you want to save money in the long run and put your coffee delivery on autopilot.

    Where Can I Buy Lifeboost Coffee?

    There are a few places to get Lifeboost organic coffee online, but I’d recommend you to get it from their official website. Buying it from other retailers can’t guarantee that you’ll be getting freshly roasted beans. Plus, getting it from the company’s website, can assure you that you’ll get your money back in case you’re not happy with your order. What’s more, due to the online store,  Lifeboost coffee location doesn’t matter, as they ship their products to U.S. and Canada addresses.

    What About The Alternatives?

    If you’re looking for coffee with low acidity, have a look at my detailed list of the best low acid coffee beans here. If you’re looking for pesticide-free and more natural coffee, have a look at the detailed list of the best organic coffee beans here (they’re all certified too!).

    Life Boost Coffee Recipes

    In case you’re wondering how to brew Lifeboost coffee, I have to tell you that you can brew it any way you like since it’s compatible with all coffee machines and brewers. You can use LB coffee to make any kind of coffee recipe you’d like. Feel free to add it to

    It works well in any coffee maker, and you can also drink it black if that’s your thing.

    LifeBoost Coffee Review: Is It Really Worth It?

    Lifeboost coffee boasts unique qualities that aren’t easily found in a coffee, especially when it comes to its certifications. After all, it’s organic, fair-trade, and free of all chemicals, making it healthy for you and safe for the environment. It’s also one of the top low acid coffee brands that are excellent for all who struggle with stomach issues.

    To be honest, Life Boost coffee isn’t the cheapest option when it comes to quality coffee. I was quite skeptical to try it because, well, budget. But their 30-day money-back guarantee convinced me; that way I was able to test it and decide by myself whether this delicious coffee really is legit. I like to mix things up when it comes to my coffee so I’m not a regular user, but they also offer free shipping on orders over $50!

    You have to know that with Lifeboost, you’re not just paying for the beans, but for the production, certifications, and the fact that you know that you’re drinking healthy coffee.

    After all, coffee is one of the most processed foods on the planet, so it’s good to know that there are companies out there that want to provide us with quality coffee that’s free of pesticides and harmful practices!

    I have to tell you that I was surprisingly pleased with Lifeboost coffee again and again; I have tried a selection of their beans; from medium and dark roast to cold brew, and a number of flavored coffees. What really convinced me was that their coffee is healthy and free of any artificial ingredients, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients.

    After all, Lifeboost coffee is a well-balanced and smooth coffee that can be easily enjoyed black or brewed in a number of ways: from espresso machines to cold brew coffee. 100% Arabica beans guarantee a unique experience of Nicaraguan coffee. If you’re looking to try a new brand of coffee, give Lifeboost a go, especially if you’re struggling with a sensitive stomach and can’t stand coffees with normal levels of acidity.

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