Best Tips on How To Master Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Best Tips on How To Master Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Did you try Starbucks nitro coffee and become addicted but can’t afford it? Wondering if you can make Nitro cold brew at home?

Nitro’s been all the hype recently but many people don’t think about making it at home, assuming it’s complicated. And that’s not entirely true. You can easily make nitro cold brew at home. It’s more affordable, but there are a few tricks you need to know to completely master it.

Ready to discover the easiest way to make Nitro cold brew? Let’s go!

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What is Nitro cold brew?

Nitro coffee isn’t as fancy or complicated as it sounds. In fact, it’s pretty straightforward. According to Wikipedia,

Nitro cold brew coffee, commonly referred to as “NCB,” is cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head, similar to nitro draft beer like Guinness.

In other words, nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. Nitrogen probably sounds like a dangerous thing to keep in your house; it sounds even worse when you think about drinking it, but it’s actually nothing out of the ordinary.

We’ve been combining drinks with gas for a very long time; think soda and beer! Coffee was apparently the next logical step for some reason. Now, the hype of Nitro coffee is taking over the world and people seem to love their new way of brew dearly. Many turned into complete Nitro devotees and refuse to have their coffee any other way.

Perhaps you should too! Look at the following reasons to make Nitro cold brew at home and perhaps there’ll be a before-Nitro and after-Nitro time-lapse for you as well!

Why should you make Nitro at home?

Look at the reasons below and tell me why you shouldn’t! After all, Nitro cold brew is one of a kind because:

  • Comes with a thicker and creamier texture than your standard coffee
  • Smooth feel in the mouth, similar to that of beer
  • Can be easily drunk creamer/milk-free
  • Sweeter than your regular coffee (you don’t need sweeteners!)
  • It’s less acidic than the standard hot brewed coffee
  • Less bitter with a unique taste
  • Higher in caffeine content (yay!)

How do you make Nitro cold brew at home?

Convinced? Let’s have a look at how to whip up this creaminess of a coffee in a cup from the comfort of your own home.

To begin with, you’ll need cold brew coffee. Once you brewed yourself enough cold brew to last you a week, it’s time to get experimenting with chemistry.

The simplest nitro cold brew at home recipe:

  1. Make cold brew coffee (see a detailed guide on how to make cold brew here)
  2. After 12 to 24 hours, your cold brew is ready
  3. Flavor your cold brew coffee if you wish to give it an extra kick
  4. Pour coffee into a whipped cream dispenser
  5. Add nitrogen charger
  6. Shake the dispenser for a minute or two
  7. Let the dispenser sit for 4 to 5 minutes
  8. Pour the coffee through the dispenser in a glass
  9. And that’s it! you just make a perfect cup of nitro cold brew coffee!

Confused? See the video below

There are a few other ways to make nitro coffee. The whipped cream dispenser is the most affordable and accessible thing to use. But it’s not the only one.

Other options to make nitro coffee are:

How to you add nitrogen to coffee?

You infuse your coffee with nitrogen by using the nitrogen charger and one of the devices mentioned before.

Tips on making nitro coffee:

  • Shake the dispenser very thoroughly for a minute or two. In fact, shake it like a crazy person. Make the best cocktail of your life! Shake it left to right, upside down
  • After you’re done shaking it, let it sit for 4 to 5 minutes before pouring

FAQ on Nitro cold brew

What is Starbucks nitro cold brew?

Starbucks nitro brew is the same thing I described above. It’s cold brew coffee with nitro added. Here’s how Starbucks explains:

Our Nitro Cold Brew is created when our signature Cold Brew (slow-steeped for 20 hours) is infused with nitrogen as it pours from the tap. Nitrogen infusion creates microbubbles, giving the coffee a cascading, frothy texture.

The result is a velvety-smooth coffee with a subtly sweet flavor and a rich, creamy head of foam.

Is nitro cold brew alcoholic?

Nope. Nitro cold brew is free of any alcohol. It may look like a coffee cocktail or an Irish coffee in a pretty glass, but it contains zero alcohol. The texture may seem like you’re drinking a creamy Guinness, but the drink itself is free of alcohol.

Does nitro brew have more caffeine?

Nitro cold brew contains more caffeine than regularly brewed coffee. It also has more caffeine than iced coffee. The cold-brew method uses more coffee to get the final brew in terms of the coffee-water ratio. That means there’s more caffeine in cold brew, but it also depends on the coffee manufacturer.

Do you add cream to nitro cold brew?

You can add anything you’d like to nitro cold brew. Cream, sweeteners, and flavors as well (vanilla, toffee, hazelnut). You can dress it up any way you’d like.

What does nitro cold brew taste like?

Nitro cold brew isn’t your typical cup of coffee that you’re used to. For the first-timers, nitro can be a bit…unusual. It’s not as bitter as regular black coffee and it’s slightly on the sweeter side. But not overwhelmingly sugary; sugary with extra notes of flavor. Some people compared it to coffee with almond milk.

It has a latter texture but it’s frothy and more refreshing. Think beer latte!

Nitro Cold Brew recipes to try at home

Have a look at 10 unique and delicious nitro cold brew recipes you simply must try at home. These are budget-friendly and allow you to enjoy your daily cup of joe without splurging on fancy lattes in a coffee shop!

  1. Coco-Coffee Fizz

Make a fizzy combo of nitro coffee and sparkling water: you only need three ingredients to make this drink; it may seem strange to combine coffee with soda but the coconut adds a sweet aroma and you can dress the glass with mint or lime wedge!

  1. Nitro Cold Brew Irish car bomb

Okay, this is an alcoholic twist on the list, but it’s a mix of traditional Irish coffee with the untraditional Nitro brew. Combine Irish cream with whiskey and nitro to get this tasty, creamy, and aromatic drink that will impress your friends.

  1. Iced Sea Salt Nitro Coffee

For all the iced coffee lovers, this one is a treat to try. Combine nitro with a syrup, whipping cream and sea salt. Yep, the salt does the trick and even though it’s not summer any longer, I’m convinced you can use a refreshment!

  1. Coffee Cocoa Moco

If you need a sugar blast with your coffee, this is the recipe to try. Sweet and creamy coconut milk and cream easily give that kick of creaminess and sweetness to your coffee. But for an extra treat, top it all with chocolate syrup.

  1. Cinnamon dolce nitro cold brew

You’ll need 4 ingredients and you can easily make this one at home! The whipped cream is optional, but it gives nitro cold brew an additional creamy boost you can’t afford to miss!

Nitro Cold Brew at Home: A Recap

Not all coffee hypes are worthy of our attention. But Nitro brew seems quite promising and it will give you a whole new perspective on coffee. You probably noticed though that buying Nitro daily at your local coffee shop can easily break your wallet.

Luckily for you, there’s an affordable way to get your dose of Nitro with a very simple trick: whipped cream dispenser! You don’t have to be a scientist to make Nitro coffee; all it takes is minimal equipment and your will to make it happen. Why shouldn’t you? Customize your coffee, save money, and have fun while brewing!

What do you think; will Nitro become your next DIY project?

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