Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans

9 Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans (They Can’t Be This Good!)

Drinking a cup of dark-roast coffee in the morning sets you up to accomplish amazing things.

That intensity and bitterness, mixed with a wide array of tastes – it’s impossible to not feel fully energized from that first sip!

No surprise to find out dark roast is one of the most popular coffee types out there. And the most sought-after for coffee enthusiasts.

That’s why you’re here…

So we gathered the best dark roast coffee beans out there. After reviewing each one, we found FANTASTIC features you don’t want to dismiss. Check what we’re talking about below!

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Koa Coffee Estate

- 100% Kona

This classic dark roast boasts all the intensity and flavor tones, an aroma impossible to dismiss, and a freshness you can notice at first sight.

It stands out for its light caffeine load. The caffeine is so low that you can drink it at any moment of the night without harming your sleep.

Such a richness level with unique low caffeine sets it apart from the competition.



What is Dark Roast?

In short words: coffee that went through a more extended roasting period.

The long answer? The most flavorful, most intense, and most bitter type of coffee. Dark-roasted beans are big, tangy, spicy, and boast an oily surface.

This happens when the bean expands, a process known as cracking. A medium roast goes through a first cracking step. The dark roast goes up to the second (and sometimes more). What’s more, there are different dark roast types (see below).

Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans

1.     Koa Coffee Estate 100% Kona – Best Overall

Private Reserve Kona Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee

Who says no to coffee directly from Kona, Hawaii?

This classic dark roast boasts all the intensity and flavor tones, an aroma impossible to dismiss, and a freshness you can notice at first sight.

It stands out for its light caffeine load. The caffeine is so low that you can drink it at any moment of the night without harming your sleep.

Such a richness level with unique low caffeine sets it apart from the competition.

Key Features

  • Best For Espresso – French Press
  • Origin: Kona – Hawaii
  • Certification: Organic – Kosher

2.   Volcanica Decaf SUMATRA Mandheling – Best Decaf

Whoever bashes Volcanica coffee has no idea what they’re doing. Especially when it comes to specialty blends like the Sumatra Mandheling, this brand seems to give its BEST.

Despite a dark roast, it is a decaffeinated blend, free of energy-inducing chemicals. Those who get dizzy after drinking a cup of coffee will love this one.

But it’s not its effects. The real benefit comes from the unparalleled taste, blending earthy and nutty tones with some woodiness. And what’s even better, it’s nowhere near as acidic as other dark roasts. So it’s a blend you may end up loving.

Key Features

  • Best For Drip Brewing – Cold Brewing – French Press
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Process: Sun-Dried – Washed
  • Certification: Kosher

3.     Volcanica Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee – Best Single-Origin

No one can deny the unbeatable taste of Central American coffee. This single-origin blend from Costa Rica offers all that.

Volcanica offers a gourmet-level bag of beans with the boldest and richest flavor profile in dark roasts. Also known as the Tarrazu coffee, it is one of the purest you can get.

You can enjoy the nuttiness of the Arabica beans alongside honey and caramel hints. This combination sets it apart as one of the tastiest on the list.

Key Features

  • Best For French Press – Cold Brewing
  • Origin: Central America – Costa Rica
  • Process: Patio and Mechanical – Washed
  • Certification: Kosher – Rain Forest Alliance

4.     Peet’s House Blend – Best Budget

You don’t have to be a dark-roast enthusiast to enjoy it. But, if you aren’t willing to pay the extra fee for a gourmet bag, this House Blend from Peet’s is your top pick.

It boasts all the benefits from dark roasts, flavor, richness, and brightness. Yet, this one adds up a bit of spiciness with none of the acidity beginner coffee tasters may detest.

Coming from several locations in Latin America, the coffee is a perfect blend to delight an untrained palate and softens up trained ones.

Key Features

  • Best For French Press – Pour Over
  • Origin: South and Central America
  • Process: Washed
  • Certification: Kosher

5.     Out Of The Grey Coffee Giacomo Coffee Blend – Best Blend

Out Of The Grey Coffee

You know it is good coffee when the bag comes with a person’s name. This time, it is the Giacomo – in honor of a coffee artisan.

This blend of high-end coffee beans contains the broadest source of origins—beans from Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, and even Sumatra. You get them all.

The result? A pungent pipe tobacco aroma, intense flavor tones, and a bold feel. It combines all the best features of different beans and puts them all in an artisan-worthy bag.

Key Features

  • Best For Drip Brewing – French Press
  • Origin: American and African Beans
  • Process: Washed
  • Certification: Organic

6.     Fresh Roasted Coffee Organic Dark BRAZILIAN – Best Organic

12 ounce bag of Organic Dark Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima coffee.
Quality coffee for a low price often comes from Brazil. This Organic blend from Fresh Roasted Coffee comes with all the flavor but none of the price tag.

It contains beans directly from Minas Gerais, boasting that woody flavor that boosts its appeal. You can still enjoy the peach and raisin tones.

A bold texture, penetrating aroma, and slight bitterness create an attractive combination for enthusiasts and occasional coffee drinkers alike.

Key Features

  • Best For Drip Brewing – Black
  • Origin: Sumatra
  • Process: Sun-Dried – Natural
  • Certification: Organic – Fair Trade

7.    Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee – Healthiest Coffee

LB dark roast

Dark coffee doesn’t have to be bitter. This low-acid alternative from Lifeboost makes it possible.

It doesn’t cause any of the issues typical high-acid dark roast coffee does. Instead, it becomes the perfect blend for anyone who suffers from stomach acidity or reflux thanks to the low-acid composition.

Lifeboost brings it directly from the forests of Nicaragua to deliver a boosted blend, ready to overwhelm any palate without any of the drawbacks.

Key Features

  • Best For Espresso – French Press
  • Origin: Central America – Nicaragua
  • Process: Sun-Dried – Water Washed
  • Certification: Organic – Fair Trade

8.     Volcanica Dark Roast – Best For Espresso

Volcanica never gives in. That’s why they’re also among the best when it comes to espresso blends. This dark roast bag is a perfect example of that.

A sweet flavor with slight acidity while still offering a bit of spice and intensity. It is a dark roast for sweet-coffee lovers and enthusiasts who want a cheap yet high-quality alternative.

Key Features

  • Best For Espresso – French Press
  • Origin: Central America
  • Process: Sun-Dried – Washed
  • Certification: Kosher

9.     FRC Organic Black Knight – Best For French Press

The Black Knight delivers a flavor you’ll find in no Starbucks. Coming from the legend of knights who defied standards, this coffee is ready to defy your tastebuds.

It is bold and sweet, with some plantain notes that make it uniquely tasting. This coffee would make for a perfect French press blend, as it would increase the notes to an unmistakably enjoyable level.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best For French Press – Espresso
  • Origin: Not Disclosed
  • Process: Washed
  • Certification: Fair Trade – Organic

Dark Roast Types


The dark roast increases the boldness and the flavor tones, making the espresso more pleasant despite its speedy preparation. Typically goes through the second crack.


A light-dark roast where the beans go through the second crack. The taste is mute, focusing on intensity and acidity. It is ideal for the espresso machine and the French press.


Also known as the Dark French or Heavy, Italian roasts are very dark, almost black. The beans go past the second crack, often a third. Italian-roasted beans are shinier, bigger, and more acidic.


Typically called Neapolitan for its darkness. These almost-black beans have none of the natural features of light or medium roasts. Instead, they’re bittersweet to the point of burnt, ideal for the French press.


This type of roast usually comes with tiny oils spots on the beans, which enhances their flavor, and deep dark color.  The Viennese flavors are dark chocolate with a smoky aroma.


The most robust roast on the list, Continental is incredibly strong with a burnt taste. This brew can handle milk, cream, and other coffee additions easily.

Dark Roast Coffee Bean Origin

Beans for dark roast come from all over the world, most commonly from:

Best Way to Brew Dark Roast at Home

Dark roast beans are probably the hardest to brew. Not because they take more effort, but because you have to do it right if you want to enjoy their taste to the max.

For that reason, you can consider these brewing methods:

Espresso Machine

Some UK people say espresso machines and dark roast don’t match. We say the opposite.

You’ll be amazed at how that dark roast tastes, intense like no other.

French Press

It’s not a coincidence it’s called a French press and works wonders with the French roast. Preparing dark roast coffee with a French press is a sure-fire way to enjoy all its taste stages.


According to Reddit, the Aeropress comes as one of the best alternatives for cleaner dark roast coffee preparations.

Is Dark Roast Coffee More Bitter?

Yes. But it also depends.

Dark roasts are oriented explicitly towards roast-taste-lovers. This roast taste is bittersweet.

It’s not always the case, though. Some dark roasts go through different processes that either wash away some of the bitterness or reduce it by lowering the acidity.

In either case, the bitterness is still higher than the usual light roast.

NOTE: Dark-roasted coffee is more bitter when fresh.

How Does Dark Roast Taste Like?

Taste varies according to the specific blend you get. These are the most common:

  • Low acidity
  • Bitterness
  • Richness
  • Spicy
  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Sweet
  • Caramelized

The aroma is intense in most dark-roast blends.

Do Dark Roasts Have More Caffeine?

The roasting process doesn’t affect caffeine levels. A small amount of caffeine is lost during the press, but nothing too significant. If you’re concerned about the caffeine level in your cup, change to caffeine-free coffee or decaf espresso.

Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans: Conclusion

There’s a dark roast blend for everyone. Occasional drinkers and enthusiasts alike can enjoy the dense taste of any of the beans above. Dark roasts come with unique characteristics that you will surely love if you prefer intense aroma, and rich flavor, topped with caramel, earthy, sweet, or spicy notes.

All of the beans from the list above bring their unique traits to every cup. Taste and try until you find your best dark roast coffee beans. But if you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend you give Kona Estate blend from Koa Coffee a try.

Overall, it’s the best value for your buck; Koa Coffee is a classic dark roast, their secret blend that’s organic, high-quality, and perfect for French press or Espresso. If you’re genuinely eager to enjoy good coffee with lower caffeine content, look no further.

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