Best Decaf Espresso Beans

8 Best Decaf Espresso Beans – Maximum Flavor, Minimal Caffeine

Decaf coffee is tasty and doesn’t make you jittery.  Add the practicality of espresso and there will be no match.

Buy normal coffee? NOT ANYMORE!

The best decaf espresso beans can be the perfect replacement so your coffee-drinking habit doesn’t become a problem. In fact, decaffeinated coffee becomes an even more pleasant experience (no side effects at all).

Want to know why? Well, we explain it all below. We also go over a few decaf espresso beans for you to consider.

Check it all out!

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Koa Coffee Whole Bean Decaffeinated Swiss Water

Koa Coffee Decaf Coffee Beans are some of the most elite coffee beans in the world. They come from a high-end producer who makes sure each batch of their koa coffee beans is roasted to perfection.

The beans are Swiss Water Processed, which means zero chemicals in your cup; only full flavor and Aloha taste in every cup you brew. This combination sets the pace for a lovely coffee-drinking experience.


What is Decaf Espresso?

Imagine a cup of espresso. Easy to make, light, and tasty.

Now imagine the same cup but without any caffeine.

Isn’t it the same? Pretty much.

But there’s a tiny bit of a difference that changes the experience completely: you get no caffeine side effects.

No jitteriness, no headaches, no lack of sleep, and no addiction (unless you drink too much, of course).

Want to take a look at the best decaf espresso options out there? We have them all below 😊

Best Decaf Espresso Coffee Beans

1.     Koa Coffee Decaffeinated Swiss Water – Best Overall

When you look for the best-decaffeinated coffee on Reddit and many other sites – few bubble up as consistently as Koa Coffee’s Decaffeinated Swiss Water.

The reason? It’s the TASTIEST DECAF COFFEE you’ll ever try.

There’s no competitor.

Koa Coffee combines the Aloha richness of Hawaiian beans with the perfect medium roast that characterizes this brand. This combination sets the pace for a lovely coffee-drinking experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Kona – Hawaii
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

2.     Volcanica Espresso Dark Roast Decaf Coffee – Highest Quality

Most people think of decaf espresso beans as flavorless… UNTIL THEY TRY VOLCANICA!

Every bean on this unbeatably tasty pack is showered in caramel and roasted dark. Once you grind them down and brew, the scent goes directly into your nose.

You’ll want to take a sip RIGHT AWAY!

As soon as you take that sip, you’ll notice the caramel, the spiciness of the dark roast, and a light acidity that brings your tastebuds to life.

What else is there to ask for?

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Mix
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

3.    Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling Decaf – Best Low Acid

When we think of excellent decaf coffee, few brands stand out as well as Volcanica.

The Sumatra Mandheling is a perfect example of why.

A sweet yet gentle taste with a mellow touch and earthy tones – the perfect combination for waking up your taste buds.

It is less acidic than the typical coffee, adding up an extra touch of sweetness that delights your palate in every sip.

Don’t forget its rich yet smooth texture, so it tastes but also feels fantastic on your mouth.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

4.     Coffee Bros Decaf Roast Coffee Beans – Best Single Origin

Whether you’re in Canada, the US, or Europe – get a Coffee Bros package… YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

This magnificent bean pack comes with flavor, freshness, and decaffeination.

100% arabica beans processed with superb care that add up to a fantastic coffee-sipping experience. From the first sip to the last – you’ll know Coffee Bros aren’t here to play.

The coffee has a chocolate tone with a smooth finish. Every sip feels like drinking a miracle (we aren’t exaggerating).

By the way, it has no bitterness at all. You’ll enjoy every decaffeination has to offer with an unbeatable taste.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: South America – Colombia
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

5.     Fresh Roasted Coffee Ethiopian Sidamo Organic Decaf – Best Medium Light Roast

12 ounce bag of Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Swiss Water Decaf coffee.

African-originated coffee comes with the spiciest flavor of them all. These Ethiopian Fresh Roasted Decaf Coffee Beans are not an exception.

You get whole beans directly from the Sidamo region. A medium-light roast combines perfectly with cherry and chocolate tones. This adds up to a super-tasty experience from start to finish.

The flavor is not everything you get, though. Its smoothness is outstanding to the point it feels almost like tea. But it can also be creamy to delight your palate however you prefer.

Did we mention how oily the beans are? You’ll undoubtedly be getting a sweet smooth texture on every sip.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Roast: Medium Light
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

6.     Out of the Grey Coast to Roast Decaf Blend – Best Blend

You cold call it the perfect decaf espresso blend, and it wouldn’t be a wrong assessment.

Out of the Grey goes far and beyond any of your expectations with this mix of Colombia Supremo, Kenyan AA, and Sumatra Viennese.

Result? A super-tangy yet smooth coffee.

Whether you get the whole beans of the decaf espresso ground bag – you get a similar experience. The only difference would be the freshness – but even then, it’s almost unnoticeable.

What else do you need for your coffee?

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Mixed
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

7.   Lifeboost Medium Roast Organic Decaf – The Healthiest Beans

Few companies put love into the craft of quality coffee beans like Lifeboost.

This is no Starbucks or supermarket coffee. It is one of the best decaffeinated (and general blends) you can get.

Every bean is hand-picked and organic. They go through a premium process to make them ready for packaging.

When they reach your home, you’re getting nothing less than the cream of the top.

The result?

A light-acidity and high-sweetness medium roast coffee. You won’t believe decaffeinated coffee can taste that good.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher

8.     No Fun Jo Decaf Coffee – Best for Budget

An organic decaf coffee for those who like their coffee cleaner.

This blend boasts blueberry, chocolate, and a high-smoothness body ready to delight anyone’s palate.

With Arabica beans and a swiss-water decaffeination process, there’s no drawback from this bag. You’re getting everything you need and a bit more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Decaf Level: 99.9%
  • Origin: Mix
  • Roast: Medium
  • Process: Swiss Water
  • Certification: Kosher – Fair Trade

How is Decaf Espresso Made?

The quality of your decaf espresso will depend on the decaffeination method.

Here are four methods to know:

Indirect Solvent

The beans go through boiling water and then stay 10 hours in a tank with methylene chloride or ethyl acetate.

Direct Solvent

Beans go through the same chemicals for 10 hours. However, they aren’t bathed with boiling water but steam for about 30 minutes. This steam process is repeated twice (before and after the chemicals).

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

An aluminum tank contains the beans. A liquid pours over the beans inside the tank, pressurizing to high levels. The beans lose the caffeine in the process without affecting the taste.

Swiss Water Method

The best method consists of hot water dissolving the caffeine. This water then goes through a filter, removing the caffeine. But the oils stay behind. New beans go through this oily water to clean the caffeine but persist the taste.

We recommend swiss water decaf espresso as the best choice by far.

How Does Decaf Espresso Taste?

It truly depends on what type of decaf coffee you’re going for (and how clean your espresso machine is).

A dark roast decaf coffee is a bit spicier than a light roast, for example.

You also need to consider the quality of the beans, their origin, and whether it has flavor hints – like caramel, chocolate, or nuts.

But overall, it tastes pretty similar to caffeinated coffee minus the caffeine.

How to Brew Decaf Espresso

Espresso Machine

Add ground decaf espresso to your espresso machine and make any espresso-based drink you prefer: lattes, cappuccinos, and that simple espresso will all taste the same as they would with the non-decaf beans.

Drip Brewing

Few brewing methods will give your decaf coffee a great taste like drip brewing.

French Press

The flavor and texture of decaf coffee are unbeatable with a French press.

Cold Brew

Enjoy a total opposite of typical coffee by cold-brewing (but just as tasty).

Where to Buy Decaf Espresso?

You could be in Canada, Seattle, Miami, or even the UK – the best places always include online marketplaces and brand websites.

Amazon, for example, is always a great choice. Walmart and Target also don’t miss.

Want a more personalized experience? Don’t hesitate to visit a local coffee shop – you won’t regret it.

How Much Caffeine is In Decaf Espresso vs Regular?

A typical espresso has about 150 milligrams of caffeine.

A decaf espresso has no more than 10 milligrams of caffeine.

It also depends on the cup size but this gives you a general idea of the difference.

How to Make a Decaf Cappuccino?

It’s pretty much the same process as a normal cappuccino:

  • Brew the decaf espresso coffee
  • Steam the milk and froth
  • Pour the espresso into a cup
  • Add the froth on top

You’ll be ready to enjoy the tastiest decaf cappuccino.

Will Decaf Espresso Keep Me Awake?

No. Unless you take at least 10 decaf coffee cups, you won’t get any of the alertness.

Many people drink decaf coffee just before going to sleep and don’t suffer any side effects.

What are the Best Decaf Espresso Beans?

Every option in the list could be considered among the best without a doubt.

But few will match Koa Whole Bean Decaf Coffee. This decaffeinated blend is tasty, sweet, smooth, and easy to prepare. It’s high-quality coffee that can easily become your daily cup if you don’t mind the price. If however, Koa is too much for your budget, Volcanica Espresso Decaf Roast is the next best thing; from the quality of the bean to smoothness in the cup. Grab whole bean coffee, or choose espresso grind for practicality.

What else would you need?



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