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Gaggia Anima Prestige Review: Is Super-Automatic Worth It?

Gaggia Anima Super Automatic Espresso Machine is an all-in-one espresso machine with an inbuilt milk frother that simplifies home espresso brewing to a single push of a button. From grinding to frothing, Prestige does all the work for you.

But is fully automatic really your thing? Let’s have a look at a detailed Gaggia Anima Prestige review and discover what this espresso/coffee machine can do for you!

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Gaggia Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is an excellent choice for all who love to enjoy their espresso simplified. Prestige lets you brew espresso and espresso-based drinks with a single push of a button. It’s honestly one of the easiest and fool-proof ways to brew espresso at home.

Automatic milk frother prepares and steams the milk while the machine grinds the beans and pulls a shot of fragrant espresso.

With Prestige, it’s just that simple. After all, Gaggia is an Italian company and has been making espresso machines for home since 1938!



Gaggia Anima super-automatic espresso machine is a one-touch coffee maker that can produce coffee within minutes while leaving the options open for full customization.

There are three different espresso machines in the series:

  • Gaggia Anima: base model
  • Gaggia Anima Deluxe: mid-tier model
  • Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic coffee machine: top model (this is the one we’re reviewing)

The main difference between the three is that Gaggia Prestige comes with programmed specialty beverages which combine espresso with milk automatically. The other two, Anima and Deluxe, steam milk in a separate container and it’s up to you to combine it with coffee.

Owning a fully automatic espresso machine means that you can get coffee shop-quality espresso with a push of a button:

  • Grinds the beans
  • Doses the portafilter
  • Extracts your shot
  • Empties the portafilter
  • Froths the milk

With this machine, you don’t need an espresso tamper or a separate coffee grinder. Cleaning is easy; keep up the regular maintenance, and the machine will last for years.

Gaggia Anima Prestige Key Features

  • Integrated grinder: ceramic flat grinder with grind settings and bypass
  • Bean hopper: 8.8 oz. capacity
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Brew size: espresso and lungo buttons, which can be programmed for custom size
  • Specialty beverage buttons: cappuccino and latte buttons
  • Dose size selector: 6.5-11.5g
  • Temperature control: 5°F, 182.9°F, 184.5°F
  • Automatic shutoff: 15 min – 3 hours
  • Spent puck drawer: holds 15 pucks
  • Frother: automatic with an attached milk carafe
  • Removable drip tray with full tray indicator button
  • Digital display
  • Stainless steel paneling with plastic body
  • 2-year warranty


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Fully automated with one push of a button
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact design
  • Fits into most kitchens
  • Produces consistent crema and flavor
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Programmed specialty beverages
  • Best espresso maker in the Gaggia Anima series


  • Slightly pricy
  • The grinder requires regular cleaning
  • Short automatic cleaning cycle window

Gaggia Anima Prestige Review: A Detailed Look

Out of the three Gaggia Anima espresso models, the Prestige is the best one.

This espresso maker is a compact and durable machine that’s user-friendly and super-automatic. It enables you to create espresso-based specialty drinks from the comfort of your home with an automatic milk frother and a built-in coffee grinder. Its straightforward display and self-cleaning cycle make espresso making at home seem like a child’s play.

Espresso Quality

The espresso coming from this espresso machine has a bold flavor, comparable to other super-automatic coffee machines. Keep it clean regularly, and it’ll produce delicious and fragrant espresso every single time!

The espresso brewed in this machine tastes stronger than any pod coffee machine you’ll try and it gives you the option to choose from:

  • 5 grind size settings
  • 5 dose sizes
  • 3 different water temperatures
  • The volume of an espresso shot
  • Customizable froth settings

Cleaning Cycle

If you want to enjoy a quality espresso, you have to keep your machine clean regularly. That includes:

  • Descale the machine every 2-3 months
  • Empty the puck compartment
  • Soak the frother nozzle
  • Wipe the machine to keep it shiny
  • Keep an eye on the drip tray
  • Clean the brew group

Apart from that, Anima will remind you to start the automatic cleaning cycle after every brew. What I love about it is that it does everything for you. What I dislike is that you only get 10 seconds after the brew to push the button.

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Gaggia Anima Features

One-Touch Brewing System

Gaggia comes with the easiest operation possible: you can brew tasty espresso-based drinks with one single push of a button, even for cappuccinos and lattes.

The built-in frother steams the milk and automatically dispenses it into your cup.

Removable 60oz Water Tank

The water tank is easily removable; fill and replace it from a panel on the top of the machine.

5 Different Grind Size Settings

Anima Prestige comes with an inbuilt ceramic burr grinder and an 8.8oz hopper. The grinder is next to the water tank, easily accessible. You can switch between the grind sizes easily or choose pre-ground coffee bypass instead.

The hopper isn’t airtight, so the beans are exposed to the air, humidity, etc. For best results, grind only as much as you need.

5 Different Dose Sizes

Last but not least, Anima Prestige allows you to switch between five different dose sizes; from 6.5g to 11.5g, or pre-ground coffee. The feature is very simple to use and very practical one to have.

About the brand

Gaggia is a small Italian company that was founded back in 1947. They specialize in espresso and coffee makers. Even though they are owned by Saeco, they have a line of espresso machines and accessories.

The word has it that the original espresso machine was patented by Achielle Gaggia in 1938, which changed espresso around the world forever. Supposedly, it is the Gaggia espresso machines that first introduced crema to the world of espresso.

Where can I buy Gaggia Anima coffee machine?

There are many online and offline retailers where you can get a Gaggia Anima Prestige Espresso Maker. You can find it from Gaggia’s official website, Amazon, and many others. No matter where you decide to buy it, make sure to double-check their delivery and refund policy, as well as a warranty.

Gaggia Anima vs Phlips 3200

Both of these brewers are well-built quality super-automatic espresso makers that make espresso brewing at home seem like a breeze.

The key differences between the models:

  • Philips 3200 comes with a touchscreen display, while Prestige has a built-in LCD display with buttons
  • Prestige can brew 6 different beverages while Philips makes 5
  • Philips is more advanced in terms of technology, but Prestige has a Memory Function, which is a practical addition
  • Philips 3200 has 12 different grinder settings while Gaggia only has 5
  • Both are made in Europe, but Philips is from Romania and Gaggia is from Italy

The price tag is similar on both: Philips also comes with LatteGo function, and many online reviews claim that it’s much easier to clean than Gaggia Prestige.

Gaggia Anma vs Saeco Incanto HD8917/01

There is only one difference between Gaggia Anima and Saeco, and that’s the name. This is the same machine but sold around the world under different names.

In the US, it’s known as Gaggia Anima. In other countries, it’s known as Saeco Incanto HD8917/01 (Germany) and Philips 5000 LatteGo.


Is Gaggia a good brand?

Yes, Gaggia is a respectable brand that manufactures quality entry-level espresso machines. They’re popular around the world, making both manual coffee machines and fully automatic machines.

How do I use Gaggia Anima Prestige?

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Where is Gaggia Anima made?

Unlike cheaper coffee and espresso machines, Gaggia Anima is not made in China. The company is based in Italy, and the machines are made in Europe.

How do you Decalcify Gaggia Anima Prestige?

Descaling any espresso machine is an important maintenance part that enables it to live and serve long and prosper. Your manual contains more specific descaling information. For more details, see the video below.

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Gaggia Anima Error Codes

You can more about the errors codes on Gaggia’s official website, where you can also contact them.

Gaggia Anima Manual

You can download the manual pdf document here.

Gaggia Anima Prestige Review: Is It The Brewer For You?

Gaggia Anima Prestige is a solid fully automatic espresso machine that’s perfect for all who’re looking for an espresso maker that’s easy to use and can produce consistent results day after day.

While Gaggia comes with a hefty price tag, it’s nothing uncommon for a super-automatic espresso machine. It enables you to get creative with specialty drinks from the comfort of your home without spending money at your local coffee shop.

The machine produces espresso with crema and bold flavor while allowing you to control the temperature, dose strength, and water. It’s a compact espresso maker that easily fits into most kitchens, with reliable performance and an easy clean and use.

If you’re looking for a more affordable espresso machine, consider the Gaggia Anima Espresso machine. It’s slightly cheaper than the Prestige espresso machine with one major difference: you have to portion and steam your milk (by pressing the button) and combine it with coffee yourself.


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