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10 Mouthwatering Iced Coffee Recipes To Try This Summer

Let’s celebrate summer with a bunch of refreshingly delicious iced coffee recipes! I’ve gathered only the best of the best that you can enjoy all summer long! Whether you’re an espresso lover or a vanilla creamer devotee, I’m sure you’ll find a recipe in here that will suit your tastes perfectly!

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10 Delicious Iced Coffee recipes

how to make iced coffee

Looking for more ideas on how to make iced coffee recipes? I’ve gathered a yummy list of very original recipes that will take your coffee addiction to a whole new level. You’ll find all there is to know when it comes to iced coffee: how to make iced coffee with milk, how to make a simple syrup, and much more.

See tips on iced coffee below! Let’s get caffeinating!

  1. Perfect iced coffee

If you want an iced coffee recipe easy, this is the one for you. You’ll make under 5 minutes and it’s a great alternative to fancy Starbucks iced coffees, only way more affordable! Think syrup, vanilla, and coffee. They make just the perfect combo!

  1. Iced caramel macchiato

This is one of my favorite on the list; I’ve only recently become a fan of iced coffee and it was with this recipe: rich caramel and powerful espresso, with a bit of milk…yum! serve it in a mason jar and reusable straw for best effects!

  1. French Vanilla Iced Coffee

The ultimate drink for the summer, this vanilla iced coffee recipe is made with homemade vanilla syrup. It’s easy, delicious, and the perfect recipe to get you going this summer. You can whip this one up in about 20 minutes and enjoy it for the rest of the week, every time you need a bit of a caffeine kick with creamy deliciousness!

  1. Thai Iced Coffee

Refreshing and delicious, this Thai coffee recipe will leave you wanting more of it. Cardamom is a much better addition than you’d originally think but don’t leave out the heavy cream! The coffee tastes good hot or cold, and it’s so simple.

  1. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee

Coffee, anyone? With a hint of a mojito? Yes, it sounds strange. But I tried making this recipe and it’s something very unexpected: refreshing, rich, intense, delicious, and perfect for all year round, not just summer. The mint adds the aroma to an otherwise easy recipe and you’ll want to try it. Today. Oh, it’s alcohol-free!

  1. Roasted hazelnut iced coffee (dairy-free)

Make a dairy-free iced coffee that’s just as delicious. Cool off with hazelnut delight and chocolate chips, and more hazelnut and a ton of coffee. You’ll make it in about 5 minutes, and you’ll drink it in less than that. It’s yummy, affordable, and tasty.

  1. Iced Cinnamon Almond Macchiato

This one is my favorite. It’s a macchiato. It’s cinnamon and it’s refreshing. It’s based on a Starbucks recipe, but it’s healthier and more affordable, made with 4 ingredients that are already in your kitchen. It’s a cinnamon coffee roll in a glass, served over ice. And, it’s espresso. Awesome!

  1. Sea Salt Coffee

Talking about unusual, sea salt and coffee may not seem like the best match. Well, apparently they are! You’ll need a syrup for this one as well, and a beautifully creamy whipped foam to top up the coffee. Give it a try, your taste buds just may love you for it!

  1. Chocolate Stout Frappuccino

Talking about strange, let’s combine coffee and beer. You know, like Guinness. I’m not a fan of stout beer because they’re too coffee-like but with no sweetness involved and other flavors present. But this recipe is a strange one worth trying. You need coffee, espresso stout (chocolate works as well) and a bit of bravery to make it happen!

  1. Lavender Honey Iced Coffee

Make an espresso, grab dried culinary lavender flowers and raw honey. Combine them all together and watch the magic happen! Lavender goes great with coffee (unexpectedly so). If you have a lavender plant at home, here’s an idea on how to include it on your menu!

Tips on making the perfect iced coffee:

  • Use large chunks of ice as they’re slower to melt
  • Use coffee ice cubes to prevent the watering down of the drink
  • Try different kinds of coffee until you find your favorite
  • A strong brew is best for iced coffee (think 1:4 to 1:8 coffee to water range)
  • Keep it cool for longer with a coffee tumbler
  • Boost your iced coffee: mint or coconut extract, different non-dairy milks, syrups, iced cream, coffee creamers…
  • Make an iced coffee recipe with ice cream if you’re particularly Australian
  • Use filtered water for brewing coffee
  • Get fresh coffee instead of stale old beans
  • Cold-brew your coffee first!

How do you keep an iced coffee from melting?

Use enough coffee ice cubes in your glass to keep the drink cool for longer.

Additionally, consider using one of the tumblers (insulated bottles, coffee mugs, and thermoses) to keep your coffee iced cold for hours. Some of these can also be used on the go, making them a valuable addition to your coffee collection.

How do you sweeten iced coffee naturally?

The easiest way to sweeten iced coffee is with a simple syrup you can make at home: sugar and water. You can play around with ingredients and make it with a twist that’s unique just to you: cinnamon and brown sugar, almond syrup, vanilla bean syrup, and many other options.

Don’t care? Get yourself a store-bought syrup instead.

Don’t like sweet coffee? Add some sweet spices to it instead: cinnamon or cardamom. Elevate it an add cocoa powder!

Use extracts instead of sugar (vanilla, hazelnut or almond). Add coconut milk or cream; it adds a hint of sweetness to your coffee. Or, make a coffee creamer instead. These can be healthy too!

How do you make Starbucks iced coffee?

You can find a lot of Starbucks copycat recipes online. The great thing about these recipes is that they’re much more affordable than going to Starbucks, and many of them are also healthier.

  1. Homemade Starbucks Iced Coffee: save money and time and make this iced version in about 10 minutes. You need a few ingredients, nothing fancy, to make this recipe work.
  2. Iced Vanilla Latte is another copycat recipe which is also ridiculously easy to make. you’ll need vanilla syrup, coffee, and two other ingredients, but you can whip this one up in about 5 minutes.

FYI, Starbucks actually uses their iced blend coffee to make their recipes.

How do you make iced coffee with a coffee maker?

There are two ways you can get around making iced coffee with a coffeemaker:

  • You brew the coffee and let it cool before adding ice and other stuff to it (toppings, syrup, milk…)
  • Fill the carafe, mug or glass with ice before pouring hot coffee in there. Make sure the mug or carafe you’re working with is thermal shock resistant since it’s all about the temperature change.

What’s your favorite addictive iced coffee recipe? Share your best ideas below!

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