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Toddy Cold Brew Recipe: How To Make Tasty Cold Brew At Home

Toddy cold brew system is the perfect coffee maker for practical and lazy people. It’s a straightforward, zero-fuss brewer that can supply you with cold-brew concentrate as long as you’ll let it.

Let’s discover how to brew the perfect toddy recipe at home!

Read on for a complete guide on everything you need to know to make low-acid coffee: from bean to cup, grind size, and helpful tips, with free recipes!

Let’s get started!

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Honestly, do you need the toddy system? Not necessarily. You can use many other cold brew coffee makers, but it is by far one of the most practical gadgets out there.

It’s easy to use even if you’re a complete beginner to cold brew, and it’s relatively affordable for what it does. It’ll last you a long time if you take care of it nicely. And the most important thing? It makes less acidic coffee!

Have a look at what is it all about!


What is the Toddy Cold Brew System?

Toddy is a system that helps you make cold brew coffee or tea at home easily. The Washington Post claims that this is the ultimate coffeemaker. It may be the only one you’ll ever need if you’re only into cold brew.

The toddy system enables you to make large amounts of hot or cold coffee or tea on a budget. They promise 67% less acidity in your cup compared to traditional hot brew methods, which makes it a great alternative for those with sensitive tummies!

Toddy system is easy to use, super practical, and also great for making a smooth cup of coffee and even iced or hot tea!

A toddy box contains everything you need to start brewing:

  • a brewing container with a handle
  • a glass decanter with a lid
  • reusable filters (not paper filter!)
  • a rubber stopper
  • detailed instructions
  • a recipe guide

You can download their brewing guide here if you’re curious about how it all works!

How do you make cold brew with toddy?

It’s very easy to make cold brew concentrate (check the video below for a better idea)!

  1. Take the brewing container and insert the stopper into the bottom

toddy stopper into the bottom

  1. Dampen the filter and place it in the bottom of the brewer

damp filter toddy


  1. Prepare coffee (coarse grind as you see in the photo). Then, add water and coffee and more water

best coffee for toddy

  1. Make sure all the coffee is saturated and covered with water

let coffee bloom toddy

  1. Let it sit from 12 to 24 hours, or overnight
  2. Remove the stopper when your coffee is ready and let it pour into the decanter

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Basic Toddy Cold Brew Recipe

toddy cold brew recipe
Source: BaristaShopPro

Source: BaristaShopProYou can make dozens of variations of cold brew once the concentrate is done. For more ideas on how to spice things up download toddy cold-brew coffee and tea recipes, or get yourself a cold brew recipe book instead.

Best coffee for cold brew

There are different options to best cold-brew coffee beans out there. Discover those that best suit your tastebuds on my top beans for cold brew here!

Toddy tips and tricks

  • Coarse grind coffee is best if you want to avoid clogging the toddy
  • Put the cork in before you place in the filter to avoid any grounds in your coffee
  • Toddy is heavy and clumsy when full
  • Place the brewing container into a bowl (Pyrex 8-cup is a perfect fit) to avoid any clumsy spilling of coffee all over your kitchen; it’ll make the brewer much more stable
  • The stopper in the bottom doesn’t seem reliable enough; some users reported it may come out and make a huge mess. Keep the brewer in a pot/bowl and prevent the disaster from happening. If the cork does come out when the container is safely placed in a bowl, place it back in and pour the coffee into the toddy to continue brewing
  • The filters are reusable, don’t throw them away
  • Filter bags make the brewing process even more mess-free; they are easier to use and you don’t have to worry about clogging
  • Go with hot bloom in the process of making cold brew with toddy for an extra kick of flavor as that will help the coffee bloom better and extract more flavor. Leave it to bloom for a few minutes and then continue with cold water
  • If you’re annoyed by the fact that there’s no lid to cover the brewing container, cover it with a plate / plastic wrap overnight when brewing to keep dust and stuff out
  • A kitchen scale may help you with brewing and weighing the coffee grounds
  • How much coffee for the whole toddy? The official website suggests this ratio: 1:4.8. The general ratio for cold brew is 1:5 (coffee to water), but there are suggestions that you can also use 1:2 ratio when making cold brew concentrate.


How long does toddy brew last?

Ideally, any cold brew should last up to 10 days. After that, toss it- you’ll notice it tasting weird. Ideally, you should try to drink it within a week since you first brewed it.

Is the toddy dishwasher safe?

Yes, the brewing container and the glass decanter are dishwasher safe. Still, according to many reviews online, most users don’t recommend putting Toddy into your dishwasher as the temperature may cause cracks in the plug hole. You can easily rinse it with water and prepare it for the next batch of cold brew.

Also, the reusable filters are not dishwasher safe- rinse them with filtered water after every use, but don’t use any soap. The brand suggests placing the damp filter into the zip bag and keeping it in the fridge. That way you can expect to reach maximum freshness.

How long do toddy filters last?

One filter should be enough to brew about 10 rounds of concentrate; you can use it for up to a few months. Dampen it before every use, and clean it after every use. It’ll stay fresh for longer if you store it in the fridge or even the freezer. If you store it in the freezer, pop it into a bowl of water for a few minutes before placing it into the toddy, to thaw.

How do you clean a toddy filter?

  1. Take the filter from the brewing container
  2. Rinse it with water (but don’t use any soap)
  3. Gently squeeze any excess water from the filter
  4. Place the filter into a resealable bag
  5. Store it in the freezer until you use it again

Toddy cold brew recipe: is this brewing system worth it?

Let’s be honest: toddy’s just a large piece of plastic. Its white-colored plastic container could be black so it doesn’t stain and look dirty. I’d love for it to have a lid and if it was more stable. And Toddy isn’t the only brewer to make for cold brew coffee.

Nevertheless, I can’t deny that Toddy makes smooth coffee that’s low in acidity and great for anyone who loves a tasty cold brew: those who have stomachs on the sensitive side and those who love their cold brew all summer long, and everyone else (unless you’re a die-hard French press fan. Then toddy isn’t for you!). Yes, the brewer is a bit clumsy, but once you get a hold of it, you’ll be using it fuss-free. Make sure to read the tips on toddy above, those can help you prevent spillage and an unnecessary mess.

Overall, the toddy cold brew system may not be the best option out there, but it’s great value for money compared to other not-so-best cold brew makers on the market. It actually works, it doesn’t leave any plastic taste in the coffee, and the filter is reusable. If you drop it, it won’t break, and it’s easy to clean. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe

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