Best Simple Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Best Alcoholic Coffee Drinks: 15 Hot & Cold Recipes To Try This Weekend

Life’s always better with coffee. But today, we’re putting a twist on classic coffee drinks you consume every day. That’s right, we’re combining your favorite drink with alcohol!

Making decisions in life is tough; why would you have to decide between coffee or booze, when you can have both at the same time?

Let’s have a look at simply the best alcoholic coffee drinks you can make at home! Classic, strange, and with a twist, here are the best 11 coffee recipes and 4 coffee mocktails to enjoy any time you want!

Ready? Let’s get started.

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What is a coffee cocktail?

Simple. A coffee cocktail is a boozy drink that combines coffee and alcohol (and some other goodies).

And today we’re going to have a look at the best simple alcoholic coffee drinks you can make at home. We’ve already talked about winter coffee drinks, so if you’re feeling cold at this moment, make sure to check out that post.

Below, you can find all sorts of cold coffee alcoholic drinks, hot coffee alcoholic drinks, coffee booze-free mocktails    Right, let’s begin. And don’t worry about the alcohol. There are some nonalcoholic cocktails below as well!

Let’s get started!

Simple alcoholic coffee drinks: make them today!

  1. White Russian

Made in 3 minutes and only 3 ingredients, you can whip up this baby in no time. Double or triple the ingredients to spoil your friends and serve with a straw if you wish.

  1. Espresso Martini

For another boozy yet simple recipe, all you need is a proper martini glass and this drink will look as glamorous as it tastes. You’ll need a shaker, but you can somehow improvise that at home if you don’t have one!

  1. Irish Coffee

There are dozens of recipes on Irish coffee; some with a twist, others are pretty classic. Don’t forget about the Irish whiskey, but you can also add a splash of Bailey’s Liquor in there! Whipped cream is a must!

  1. Apple Irish Coffee

Getting tired of plain Irish coffee, no matter how well it’s prepared? Try this apple Irish coffee, which is an easy summer drink. Garnish with lemon and don’t forget about the ice. Who thought coffee and apples blend well together?

  1. Jamaica Rum Coffee

Strong yet complex, top up this gorgeous drink with whipped cream if you so desire. Dark rum pairs very well with coffee flavored liquor, but don’t forget about a freshly brewed cup of coffee to stir into the mix. You’ll need 10 minutes at the most and cool it down with ice cubes before you serve!

  1. Coffee Collins

Take a twist on a classic gin and tonic with Mr. Black Spirits recipe that will surely impress your friends. Take a tall glass and garnish it with orange peel for best effects. No matter how simple the recipe is, it’ll look impressive and it may become your favorite summer drink!

  1. Shoeless Joe

If you’re big on cherry cola, mix it with coffee for a refreshing drink you can make in no time. No, you don’t have to drink it for breakfast, but I’m sure it’d make a great brunch drink instead! Don’t forget about the lime!

  1. The Siciliano

If you’re looking for a great boozy drink to entertain, try the Siciliano. It’s perfect for the cocktail hour; sip it slowly, make it in no time. It’s easy, quick, and bound to be a hit! And the trick? Vermouth, of course. And a few other things.

  1. Kahlua Iced Coffee

Want to go back to basics? With only 4 ingredients, you can make this ahead, and chill it in the fridge. Your Starbucks friends will love it since it’s simple yet oh so delicious. This is honestly one of the tastiest alcoholic coffee drinks with Kahlua. Give it a go!

  1. Cafe Pacifico

While this is on the hotter side of coffee cocktails, you can easily use it as an excuse to warm up during this horrible month of May with constant rain and wind. If you’re big on tequila, this may be the cocktail recipe for you! It packs liquor with real coffee. Don’t forget about a few spices that will crank this cocktail up!

  1. Bahama Mama

Feeling tropical? Ditch freshly brewed coffee and turn to coffee liquor instead. With dark rum and coconut liquor, this one will impress your not-so-coffee-loving friends! For a fun twist, make a frozen cocktail instead of serving it over ice (cracked)!

Coffee mocktails

Now that we’ve had a look at some deliciously boozy coffee cocktails, let’s have a look at how you can make non-alcoholic coffee cocktails at home! Here are some of the best recipes that will easily impress you and all you need to impress!

  1. Cold Brew Sour

A classic whiskey sour redone, this recipe wants you to put together coffee, lemon, and simple syrup, and top it all with ice and lemon garnish. It’s tart, refreshing, and booze-free! But it’s also sweet with a gentle coffee flavor in the background.

  1. SoCo Sparkler

How do you take your peach? With coffee? Add some soda to that combo and you’ll have a lovely summer mocktail that can be made in no time. If you love tea as much as your coffee, this is the recipe for you!

  1. Ginger Iced Coffee Mocktail

Loaded with ginger and coffee, this surely is a very enjoyable and refreshing iced coffee non- alcohol drink that’s best served in a martini glass. Add chocolate shavings and frothed milk to top up freshly brewed coffee with ginger syrup!

  1. Bittersweet Espresso and Tonic

Tartness, sweetness, bitterness, you can feel it all in this coffee mocktail. It’s easy to make, but make sure to use tonic syrup instead of tonic water, as that adds extra kick and depth to the recipe. Garnish, enjoy, and impress!

Q&A on Coffee Cocktails and Hangover

Before you leave, here are some additional ideas/help on coffee cocktails and curing a hangover.

Which alcohol goes best with coffee?

As you’ve already figured from the recipes up there, there are many options when it comes to making coffee cocktails at home.

  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Cognac/Brandy
  • Bourbon and whiskey
  • Tequila
  • Butterscotch schnapps

Some of the best liquors to add to your coffee include:

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Amaretto Disarono
  • Kahlua
  • Grand Marnier
  • Hazelnut liquor
  • Frangelico
  • Chocolate Liquor
  • Chambord

What is coffee liqueur?

In its essence, coffee liquor is a combination of coffee and alcohol. Kahlua and Tia Maria are probably the most famous ones around, but there are other options available as well. In general, the most commercially available liquors are sweet and syrup-like.

If you don’t want to spend money on coffee liquor, you can also make it at home. That way you can balance the flavor and taste to your preferences. After all, making it at home is easy! All you need is a spirit of choice (rum, vodka, and others), cold brew coffee, and a few other ingredients. You can find the recipe here.

Does caffeine help sober you up?

According to research, general opinions, research, and many other sources, coffee does not help you sober up. It wants to make you believe like you’re not drunk anymore, but it just masks the effects of the booze. Coffee is not the solution you’re looking for.

Sorry for the bad news.

Does coffee really help hangovers?

Yes, coffee can help you with hangovers. Still, plain old water would be better for your body as you need to rehydrate. Fresh juices and all that stuff would help you better. A bit of coffee can do the trick, but it’s not the best nor the only way to treat a hangover.

What do you drink with espresso vodka?

Depends. You can follow this link that will give you ideas and recipes you can use next time you’re standing next to espresso vodka.

What’s your favorite coffee cocktail? Did you enjoy our alcohol coffee drinks to make at home? Let me know below!

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