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5 Best Espresso Machines Under $100 For Home Use in 2021

Espresso machines used to come with a hefty price tag that made them pretty inaccessible to most people. Luckily for us, times have changed! Now you don’t have to pay a fortune to make espresso at home.

In fact, you can get a decent and cheap espresso machine for home use easily. Below, you can find a list of 5 best espresso machines under 100$! These brewers will allow you to save money (no more visits to Starbucks) and enable you to have fun and experiment with your favorite recipes from the comfort of your home.

Ready to discover the best budget espresso maker? Read on!

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What is the best cheap espresso machine?


De'Longhi 15 Bar Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

This espresso maker for home is ideal for beginners to espresso-making, those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on their espresso machine, and those who want a brewer that’s straightforward to use and provides good results every time. De’Longhi ECC15 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is an affordable and a solid option also when you’re short on space.

This is a great beginner-friendly espresso maker that packs simple and easy features you’ll get used to in no time. It combines 15 bar pressure with a stainless steel water tank, and it uses ESE coffee pods as well as regular ground coffee, enabling more flexibility with the basics.

DeLonghi produces a decent crema for the type of machine it is and it gives you complete freedom in terms of making espresso-style drinks from the comfort of your home. Get ready for tasty cappuccinos and delicious lattes; the attached milk frothing wand is convenient and it enables you to learn how to make your favorite drinks on a budget.

5 Best Espresso Machines under 100 dollars

DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar – Best Overall

For those who’re looking for a solid espresso homebrewer that’s affordable and simple, DeLonghi is an excellent option. It’s one of those coffee makers that will stay with you for the years to come with proper maintenance. It’s a sturdy and durable brewer that was my intro into automatic homemade espresso coffee and I’ve used it for many years.

The brewer uses 15 bars of pressure pump to provide a quality cup of coffee every time with minimal (if any) learning curve. The machine doesn’t have any alarms, clocks, or auto-shutoff when the coffee is brewed, so you have to watch the brewing cycle and stop it on time.

Overall, this is a cheap espresso machine with milk frother that allows you to save time and money in the long run. You can make numerous types of coffee drinks with it since it’s designed to please all who love quality espresso, cappuccinos, and americanos. What’s more, DeLonghi is it’s a straightforward brewer, designed for beginners and newcomers!


  • 15 bar pressure
  • Swivel jet frother
  • Compatible with E.S.E. coffee pod and ground coffee
  • Straightforward to use
  • Removable 35 oz water tank
  • Two separate thermostats
  • Easy to clean
  • No learning curve


  • 15 minutes to brew coffee

This is a budget-friendly brewer. It takes 15 minutes to brew a full cup of coffee, which works fine unless you’re in a hurry. Overall, it’s an excellent value for money if you need a solid espresso on the budget. If you’re fussier about the quality of your coffee, it’s not the best option. Still, if you’re looking for a few extra features, affordable price, and an easy-to-use brewer at home, it’s a great option.

Specifications: 12.2 x 19.3 x 15 inches, weighs 6.68 pounds.

Capresso 117.05 Pump Brewer for Espresso  and Cappuccino

A semi-automatic espresso maker, Capresso E50 is a simple brewer to use and it makes a consistently good espresso every time, which can serve as a base to make lattes and cappuccinos.

This is a basic espresso machine that will allow you to make a respectable espresso with the first try. It’s inexpensive and while it could come with more features, you get what you pay.

Still, it makes a lovely crema and it’s a decent entry-level machine. On the plus, you won’t be paying +$4 for a coffeeshop latte each morning!


  • 15 bar pressure
  • Removable 42 oz water tank
  • Dual swivel milk frother
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel
  • Warming tray


  • The clumsy removable drip tray
  • Shaky when brewing

Use a light touch on the tamper to make the most of each drink you’ll make. Make sure to preheat the brewer to get the most of your coffee. The machine will be something completely new if you’re used to drip coffee though. Still, keep in mind that it’s designed for espresso (demitasse) cups and not regular-size coffee mugs. The brewer won’t take up much counter space and the machine shakes when brewing, but if you don’t mind, that’s only a small price for a great cup of coffee.

Specifications: 11.5 x 10.2 x 7.2 inches, and it weighs 8 pounds.

Capresso 116.04 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

If you’re prepared for a minimal learning curve that will eventually help you serve delicious homemade espresso, Capresso EC100 is a great machine for the price. It’s a solid and compact brewer that’s able to produce crema with every brew.

The machine heats up quickly and while the steaming wand is a bit loud, it works well for making creamy foam for your lattes and cappuccinos. Capresso will enable you to stop spending money at your local coffee shops quickly, letting you save money in the long run.

Overall, this espresso maker is a simple brewer that makes good espresso and cappuccino, as long as you let it warm up before using.


  • Two filters
  • 15 bars of pressure
  • Stainless steel
  • Warming tray included
  • Easy to fill
  • Removable 46oz water tank
  • Swivel milk frother
  • Easy to use


  • Fits only demitasse cups
  • Slow milk frother

Capresso will make a solid cappuccino and espresso, but warm it up first and take your time. It isn’t the fastest brewer on the list, but it can easily replace your daily Starbucks coffees, allowing you to stay on the budget at the same time.  Don’t tamper down the grinds too much or the coffee won’t flow out, but that’s common practice with all of these budget espresso makers.

Specifications: 10.2 x 8.2 x 11.8 inches, weighs 8.99 pounds and works on 120V.

 Mr.Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso System – Fan Favorite

This one is a fan favorite espresso maker, it’s incredibly popular on Amazon and it can produce a single or a double shot of espresso. What’s more, you can easily make espresso-style drinks with it, whether its cappuccinos and lattes since it also comes with a milk frother.

Because it’s so small, it’s perfect for all who’re struggling with space issues and it’s quite quick too: it can make a single shot in 20 seconds and a double shot in 40! Mr. Coffee is a great machine for beginners and all who’re looking for a solid small brewer on the budget.


  • 15 bar pressure
  • Dual shot maker
  • Thermal block heating system
  • Removable 40oz water tank
  • The water reservoir is easy to clean and fill
  • Easy upkeep


  • The frother is short and difficult to clean
  • No auto turnoff
You’ll be able to enjoy all types of espresso-style drinks on a budget day after day with Mr. Coffee espresso maker. It’s a solid entry-level brewer that’s great, considering the price, but it’ll have to be replaced after a few years. Also, make sure to read the manual when you first buy it to understand the machine a bit better and to maximize the flavor of the coffee.

Specifications: 11.4 x 13.7 x 13 inches, weight: 1.21 pounds and it works on 120V

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

Hamilton Beach Espresso maker is a convenient and affordable espresso machine that gets the job done. I’ve had a chance to try it a few times and while it’s not on my priority list of top espresso makers, it still works quite well with a few tweaks.

For the best effects, turn the machine on a few minutes before brewing and let it warm up properly; that will give you a nice crema on the espresso. Keep in mind that Hamilton brewer is cheaply made of plastic, but it still works well as long as you’re not too picky about your espresso. Otherwise, it works well for lattes and cappuccinos, even though the frother is a bit weak.


  • Cheap
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Makes decent crema
  • Removable reservoir
  • Decent quality


  • Loud
  • Weak steamer
Hamilton beach is a solid espresso maker that does the job well until it lasts, which should be up to one year. Still, this is a classic you get what you pay for issue. It doesn’t have all the fancy features of more expensive espresso machines, but it costs below 80, so take that into consideration. If you’re an avid espresso/cappuccino drinker, consider the costs of a coffee shop drinks on a daily basis and this machine covers that in no time. plus, it allows you to make customized espresso drinks right at home.

Specifications: 13 x 8.2 x 12.3 inches and the product weighs 8 pounds, working on 120V only.

Best affordable espresso maker under 100: is there such a thing?

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to make your own espresso at home. The machines listed above can help you get there by producing consistent resulty day after day.

While none of these can compete with higher quality espresso makers under $600, they still do their job well considered the price tag. All of the home espresso brewers from the list come with 15 bar pressure, removable water tank, and make a decent crema.

Still, there is one $100 espresso machine that stands out from the rest. It’s equally affordable and packs the same features as most of these brewers, but it makes the best espresso in terms of quality and crema. This machine can easily work as well as some of its pricier competition since it’s an excellent value for money.

DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is a well-built Italian-made brewer that looks stylish enough on any kitchen counter or coffee station. With regular maintenance, the brewer (like all DeLonghi espresso machines) is built to last.

What I really like about this one is that it’s very easy to use and clean. While it’s not fully automatic and it comes with limited brew options, this is a compact coffee maker, suitable for all who love their espresso on the budget. This brewer can make a straight cappuccino or espresso and you’ll be having fun, testing recipes with espresso-based drinks, especially with that frothing milk wand! Just remember to stop it once you have the amount of espresso you wanted.

What’s more, DeLonghi is a great machine for beginners so if you’re just getting into espresso world and don’t want to spend too much on a brewer, this is a solid option that will introduce you to espresso-based drinks, allowing you to save money at the same time. It’s compatible with ESE coffee pods as well as ground coffee, so feel free to choose what suits you best. I’d recommend using freshly ground coffee with every brew for maximum flavor, but the final choice is up to you.

The machine is listed at a great price with classic features and a few extra additions, this espresso and cappuccino maker is excellent for all who need their daily espresso but prefer to stick to a budget, and straightforward machines.

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