10 Best Coffee Makers Under 50 2022: Make Coffee On a Budget

Looking for the best coffee machine under 50? The good thing is, there’s absolutely no need to spend your life’s savings when it comes to buying a good coffeemaker; you can easily get the best budget coffee maker for your needs and start enjoying freshly brewed coffee today!

But, there’s a trick to buying coffee machines on a budget. And I’ll tell you all about it in a minute. Let’s take a walk through the list of 10 best coffee makers under 50 and find the machine that’ll serve you that fresh steaming cup of deliciousness!

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Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker

After thorough and extensive research, after considering all 10 cheap coffee makers, I believe that Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker is the best. You’ll find many different varieties of coffee machines on the list below, but for a good price, I believe it’s a reliable machine without any serious nuclear science and does the job of brewing very well.

It’s straightforward to use and while it’s not the cheapest example of the species on the list, it is perfect for traveling (which I love), comes with an auto shutoff, which makes the usage even more straightforward, and it uses coffee pods, which means less mess in the kitchen!


Hamilton 48464 BrewStation

The runner up is the Hamilton 48464 BrewStation, which is a good alternative to Aicok and its single serve option.

Hamilton is a 12-cup dispensing coffeemaker that’s very easy to use. It works as any other coffee dispenser but comes without the carafe, which I found amazingly unique. No carafe means no potential breaking.

What’s more, this machine promises to keep the coffee hot up to 4 hours in its internal tank. It’s easy to use and clean as well!

Who is a budget coffee maker for?

Make no mistake here, coffee machines can be a whole lot of science (espresso machines and pour-over, anyone?). But if you’re someone who loves their cup of coffee without any fuss, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep in mind though that in order to get solid coffeemakers on the budget, the companies prioritize and cut down on features and even components to be able to sell these babies at such a low price. These machines are not designed to last forever and it’s sometimes painfully true that you get what you pay for. In other words, most of them don’t last longer than their warranty periods.

Anyway, these coffee makers are lightweight, small, and perfect to keep you happy in the office, in the dorm, in the kitchen, especially if you have space issues! There’s no reason you couldn’t make good use of them, but keep in mind they’ll need replacing eventually. Oh, and if you’re looking for a 50 cup coffee maker, there is no such beast on this list.

Ready to find your ideal cheap coffee maker? Read on!

What is the best cheap coffee maker?

1.      Hamilton Beach 46310 Coffee Maker

This is a portable coffee machine, that’s lightweight enough to be easily moved and it takes up a little space on the counter.

There is a swing-out basket that’s easily cleaned, much easier compared to a top-load basket. This coffee maker can make 12 cups of coffee in one go, but it also has an option to make 1-4 cup sizes in case you’re not pleasing a crowd but only yourself.

Another great thing about this coffee maker is that it has an optional yet automatic cleaning cycle reminder, which triggers every 30 cycles. That way you can never brew a bad cup of coffee!

Apart from that, you can also choose from one of the three brew strength options to your liking. It’s programmable and very easy to use.

Type of coffee machine: automatic coffee maker


This coffee machine comes with a removable basket that fits standard disposable filters perfectly. It also holds reusable gold filters.

Since it’s a programmable machine, you can set it at night to start brewing coffee first thing in the morning automatically. It has an auto shut-off after two hours. There is also a heating pad under the glass carafe which keeps the coffee hot.

What’s more, it is made of plastic and stainless steel. The dimensions are 13.9 x 12.9 x 8 inches and the product weighs about 5 pounds. You can download the user guide pdf at this link and the warranty here.

What are the users saying:

This is an easy and practical machine to use. The controls are on the top, which means you can’t spill coffee and water over them.

On the other hand, some users report the coffee machine leaks every time they pour coffee from it. Also, the coffee won’t be too strong. If you love it strong, this is not your coffee maker of choice.


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Swing-out brew basket
  • Water reservoir


  • Leaks water while brewing
  • Leftover grounds in the coffee
  • Drip delay doesn’t work properly

2.      Hamilton Beach 48464 BrewStation – Best Overall

Another Hamilton Beach, this brewer can make 12 cups of coffee and works just like an automatic coffeemaker. The process is easy: add water, add a filter, and add coffee. Prepare your cup and you’re ready to go! This thing will even keep your coffee warm for up to 4 hours!

Type of coffee machine: automatic drip coffee maker


Unlike many other coffee makers that brew coffee into a carafe, this Hamilton machine brews it into an internal tank where it keeps the coffee fresh and hot. Just like its brother up there, this one is also made in China.

The internal tank is removable and you can choose between regular and bold brewing options.

This coffee maker weighs about 5.50 lbs. with the dimensions of 11 x 8.2 x 15.2 inches. It is partially made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

You can download safety information as a pdf here, user guide here, and have a look at the warranty pdf here as well.

What are the users saying:

While Hamilton Beach promises to keep the coffee warm, the function doesn’t work as well as it should. It either boils the coffee or it gets cold within minutes after it’s brewed. Some users report that they need to tilt the machine to get the last cup of coffee from the machine.

Still, this coffee machine is simple to use. The water reservoir is easy to clean than with most drip coffeemakers since the coffee urn and filter basket are both removable. Since it’s carafe-free, it’s much more practical for any of you who potentially run into breaking kitchen inventory accidentally.


  • Programmable Timer
  • Auto shutoff
  • No carafe to break
  • No condensation


  • Warming function doesn’t work properly
  • Residue in the warming area

3.      Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee promises to deliver that tasty cup of delicious coffee you can easily wake up to every morning. It’s stylish and functional. What’s more, you can choose between a glass or stainless steel carafe!

Type of coffee machine: programmable coffee maker


Mr. Coffee coffeemaker is manufactured in China and it’s made of plastic. It can brew 5 cups at a time. In case you’re looking to please a crowd, this might not be your coffee maker of choice.

Mr. Coffee maker dimensions are 9.2 x 7.1 x 11.6 inches. It weighs 3.96 pounds and it’s approved for 110-120 voltage.

For more information on how to use it, download the pdf user manual here. You can also find the warranty here, all of these from Amazon.

What are the users saying:

The pot only fits the plate if the lid is closed properly. But the program options are more or less straightforward and the machine fits perfectly even on small countertops.

But, some report this product is of overall poor quality. The coating on the heating element starts to flake in some cases. Also, make sure to check the dimensions. The machine is small, even tiny for some! It doesn’t make 5 large cups of coffee; it might make 5 small ones.


  • Carafe of choice
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Delay brew feature
  • Attractive design


  • The chord is a bit short
  • Coating flaking

4.      Black & Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

With a thermal carafe that holds up to 12 cups of coffee, this machine is perfect for anyone who’s trying to please a crowd. The carafe keeps the coffee warm for hours and you can even select how strong you want your brew to be!

Type of coffee machine: thermal coffeemaker


Black & Decker coffeemaker is made in China and Indonesia according to the company’s specifications. The carafe is made of stainless steel, while the coffee machine is mostly plastic.

What’s more, this machine comes with a 2-year limited warranty, which you can have a look at on the official website here as a pdf file. This coffee machine is black/silver in color and it comes with an auto-off. You can select the strength of the brew from one of the three levels and the LCD display includes a fresh brew timer that tells you how long ago was the coffee brewed (with maximum up to 120 minutes).

The dimensions are 9.5 x 8 x 13 inches and the machine weighs 4 pounds.

What are the users saying

With 3.7 stars based on 2,078 reviews on Amazon and 2.9 stars on the official website, this product seems to be another failure for the Black & Decker coffee machine.

The good side of this coffee machine is that you can set the brew strength and the amount of coffee you wish to brew. It has a timer, the carafe is easy to use and it has a large capacity. The machine is quiet and there’s also a water level indicator on the outside.

On the other hand, it’ll keep the coffee warm up to an hour max, but the company suggests heating the carafe with hot water before brewing the coffee to keep it hot for longer.  The brewing cycle is quite long and the product seems to stop functioning within a year after you first buy it.


  • Stainless steel carafe
  • Brew strength options
  • Quiet
  • Easy cleaning


  • Makes less hot coffee with time
  • Shuts off during the brewing process
  • Occasional leaking

5.     Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best Single-Serve

Coming from the company that makes dozens of other kitchen appliances, Aicok coffee machine claims to support and fully understand the Western lifestyle and needs. With a one-touch technology, this coffeemaker enables you to enjoy a fragrant cup of freshly brewed coffee in minutes. Don’t worry if you make too much; the machine will keep it warm for you!

Type of coffee machine: single serve capsule coffee maker


Made in China, this product is made of BPA-free materials. Aicok coffeemaker comes with a 2-year replacement or repayment warranty for defective products. The company encourages you to contact customer service anytime there’s anything wrong with your machine. You can also download the user manual from their official website.

Other specs are:

  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 2.2. pounds
  • Dimensions: 1 x 5.5 x 10.8 inches
  • Reservoir capacity: 15 oz.
  • Material: plastic

This coffeemaker is compatible with most single cup pods, and it brews a cup of fresh coffee in 3 minutes.

What are the users saying

According to Aicok coffee maker reviews, this machine boasts with 4.1 stars on Amazon according to the opinions of 147 users.

The machine is of perfect travel size, it’s compact, quick, and easy to use. There’s a trick with cleaning the K-cup container, but the process is a bit complicated, so many users prefer to stick to a cycle of plain water rather than cleaning the container all the time (which involves removing screws, lifting the housing, etc.).

For a machine of this sort, it makes a surprisingly strong coffee. You can fill the reservoir with as much water as you’d like.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Fairly quiet
  • Travel-friendly
  • Automatic shutoff


  • K-cup drips after brewing
  • Slow to heat up

6.      Black & Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker DCM600B

Black & Decker claims that making delicious coffee has never been easier. This coffeemaker is very easy to use and helps to keep your coffee hot after you’ve brewed it. With a space-saving design, a durable carafe, and a removable filter basket, this is easily a must for any household!

Type of coffee machine: switch coffeemaker


Black & Decker coffee machine is made in China and Indonesia. It has a capacity of 5 cups (6-ounce size) and it’s only available in one color: black. It is dishwasher safe, has a glass carafe but the machine itself made of plastic.

What’s more, this coffeemaker supports 120V/60Hz voltage and comes with a 2-year limited warranty, which you can download from the product’s official website here. The product weighs 2.45 pounds with the dimension of 9.8 x 7.2 x 10.8 inches.

What are the users saying

Users may be raving about this product on Amazon, but on the Black & Decker official website, the reviews are horrendous! On Amazon, this coffeemaker has 3.8 stars based on 2,938 reviews. On their official website, those stars fall down to 2.4 based on 58 reviews.

Overall, the good side of Black & Decker coffeemaker is perfect for two drinkers. It’s easy to use and a simple device that makes good coffee if you’re into this type of coffee machines. Coffee is ready within 5 minutes and the machine keeps it warm with a nonstick hot plate for an hour after it’s brewed.

On the other hand, the carafe is described as durable, but it’s actually not. Breaking it seems to be a very common issue for many users! What’s more, this product doesn’t always make 5 cups of coffee because it tends to turn the water into steam or causes leakage all over the kitchen counter. Some people report waiting for the coffee to brew for 15 minutes!


  • 5-cup capacity
  • Easy to use and straightforward
  • Occupies little space
  • Fairly quiet


  • No pre-set timer or a clock
  • Requires a lot of coffee
  • On/Off switch tends to break often

7.      AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

Practical, environment-friendly, and easy to use, AdirChef coffeemaker packs a universal design and dishwasher-safe parts. It’s built to last and meant to be used on a regular basis before you leave for work or while traveling long distances. With an easy-grip mug, this coffeemaker is definitely one of the more unique machines on the list.

Type of coffee machine: single-serve electric coffee maker


AdirChef coffeemaker comes from the ADIRChef brand; you can read more about them on their website. The machine is made in China and available in multiple colors. The users can choose from black, blue, green, red, orange, lime green, and ruby red. It also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

With an inbuilt permanent filter, this coffee machine enables you to cut waste by eliminating paper-bag filters. Plus, it also comes with a 15 oz. travel mug. The whole package includes a mug, a lid, and an internal filter, and a holding basket. You can also purchase a Grab-&-Go Pouch separately if you spend a lot of time on the road.

The coffee maker is made of durable plastic but the travel mug is stainless steel. Once the mug is full, the coffee maker automatically shuts down to save power. It’s lightweight; it weighs 1.3 pounds; its dimensions are 6.7 x 5.1 x 10.1 inches.

It works only with a 120V unit, which I found online in one of the reviews. Make sure to read the manual before plugging it anywhere.

What are the users saying

AdirChef coffeemaker boasts with 4.4-star reviews based on 2,331 user experience according to AdirChef coffee maker reviews.

Even though this single cup coffee maker doesn’t work with K-cups that many users love and are used to, it’s still an excellent value for money. It enables you to use coffee grounds in a washable and reusable filter. It’s also very lightweight and makes coffee under 5 minutes!

It’s not for coffee gourmets but it still makes a good cup of coffee, even though the reusable filter isn’t of the best quality and lets some coffee grounds escape into your cup of coffee.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel-friendly
  • Travel mug included


  • Coffee grounds in the cup
  • On/Off button hard to reach

8.      Chulux K-Cup Coffee Maker

This is, according to many online reviews, the best single-serve coffee maker under $50. It’s both stylish and small enough to fit on any kitchen counter. The multiple color options enable you to choose the one that fits your kitchen design best!

This BPA-free single cup coffee maker fits most of the capsules and comes with a removable drip tray and water reservoir, which makes it very easy to clean!

Type of coffee machine: electric single-serve coffee maker (with coffee pods)


This coffee machine is an FDA approved device made in China. Chulux team on Amazon claims they follow strict quality-control standards and technology to only ensure the best for their clients.

Chulux K-cup is available in many different colors; you can choose from black, blue, orange, green, and red. I haven’t been able to find all the materials the machine is made of, apart from the BPA-free plastic.

This coffee machine weighs 2.31 lbs and comes with the following dimensions: 7.5 x4.3 x 9.8 inches. It comes with a plug and works under 120V, 60Hz circumstance. For more information, you can download Chulux user manual pdf here.

What are the users saying

Chulux has a solid amount of reviews; currently, it is rated 3.9 based on 2,242 reviews.

Most customers are very satisfied with this product. Chulux brews a delicious cup of coffee under 5 minutes! It’s fast, efficient, and small, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your counter. It’s very easy to use and to clean as well!

Some users complain about the machine leaking water, but the company has an excellent customer service and offers a refund in case of a bad experience and a faulty product (but you can only return it within a month after your purchase). Still, if you want to return this coffeemaker, make sure to keep the original packaging and not throw it away right away.


  • Small and practical
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • No cool-down time necessary
  • Great customer support


  • Coffee is too weak for some users
  • Leakage issues
  • Stops working within a year (for some users)

9.      Presto 02811 6-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

This stainless steel percolator will give you rich, fragrant, hot, and flavorful coffee. It’s easy to use and it promises to expressly deliver you the necessary coffee within one single minute! It looks quite elegant and it’ll fit on any kitchen counter.

Type of coffee machine: electric percolator


This coffee maker can brew 2 to 12 cups of coffee, with a rate of one cup per minute. It comes with an easy pour spout! A small light on the side of the coffee maker indicates when the coffee is ready.

Most parts of this machine are made of stainless steel, such as the outside, the filter tube, the perk tube. A small well at the bottom is made of aluminum. The handle and exterior base is made of plastic, though.

The dimensions of this coffee maker are 13.1 x 9.7 x 6.2 inches. The product weighs about 2.9 pounds. It is made in China.

Voltage and power readings are given as 120 V and 60 Hz. You can download the user guide here as a pdf as well as the warranty here.

What are the users saying:

Presto coffee maker has a very good score on Amazon, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5, 894 reviews.

Some customers complain that the coffee coming from this machine is too weak. What’s more, it might add a metallic taste to your coffee. When choosing the grounds for this machine, make sure to go with medium ground coffee, which works the best. Many reported that fine grinds may affect the taste of the coffee altogether.

On the other hand, many claim it to be the best value for money!


  • Stainless steel
  • 12 cup capacity
  • Light signal
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive design


  • Rusting issues
  • Aluminum interior
  • Short power cord

10.  Mr. Coffee JWX27-NPA 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

If you’re looking for a simple coffeemaker, this is your choice. But remember when I said that you get what you pay for? This product is an excellent example of that saying. Anyway, in general, Mr. Coffee promises to delay brew time, enable you to select brew strength, and even lets you pour a cup before the brewing is finished.

Type of coffee machine: programmable coffeemaker


Made in China as almost every other device on this list, Mr. Coffee JWX27 machine is made of stainless steel and plastic. It’s available in black color. Its dimensions are 11.1 x 9.2 x 14.3 inches and it weighs 5.65 pounds.

Download the user manual and warranty for more information, both files are pdf documents.

What are the users saying:

This coffee maker started out with great reviews until it didn’t. Users say the device is poorly made; they had issues with leaking, plastic breaking, and lukewarm coffee instead of hot. Also, the machine doesn’t seem to be able to work longer than a year.

On the other hand, this coffeemaker is basic, it makes coffee fairly quickly, and it’s easy to use it.

Okay, this is the coffeemaker that gets complaints even in the 4-star reviews. It seems to be okay what it is for the money but you have to accept it for what it is: a cheaply made product that can almost certainly guarantee you that something will go wrong. I’d suggest you add another $10 to your budget and get something more reliable!


  • Makes coffee
  • Works well
  • Easy to use


  • No self-cleaning cycle
  • Not BPA-free
  • Filter leaves a carbon aftertaste

Buyer’s Guide: how to find the best coffee maker for you?

While most of these brewers are in the same price range and feature range, there are still a few factors you’ll have to consider to find the best coffee machine for your needs.

1- Number of cups

Are you brewing for a crowd or just yourself? The number of cups is important as you’re probably trying to drink your coffee fresh. Why waste money on a 12-cup brewer, when a single cup machine fits your lifestyle and your needs better? By choosing the ideal brewer you’ll avoid drinking stale coffee as well as wasting your coffee. If you prefer K-cups to loose grounds, single serve brewers are your thing. If you want to please a crowd, traditional drip makers are the brewers you’re probably looking for.

Here’s how to make the best coffee even if you’re using a budget automatic coffee maker:

2- Extra features

You have to know that budget coffee machines are normally quite limited when it comes to additional features. But they still enable you some sort of brewing variety. Some also come with an automatic timer which enables you to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. In any case, there aren’t many additional options, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you get a brewer that’s not fussy and doesn’t demand too much in-depth knowledge of the simple matter of coffee making!

Best Coffee Machine Under 50: A Recap

Coffee makers are kitchen gadgets available to anyone but with many of these products you get what you pay for. Using these machines on a regular basis wears them out and many of them stop functioning within a year. If you’re looking for something more durable, you should probably reconsider the budget.

On the other hand, if you’re not a coffee snob and dead serious about the grains of your morning brew, the country of origin, the method of grinding them, I’d recommend you try the Hamilton 48464 coffee maker. It can brew 12 cups and it’s very easy to use and clean. What’s more, it also manages to keep the coffee hot (though not up to 4 hours, as promised).

Happy brewing!

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