Best Coffee For Moka Pot

Best Coffee For Moka Pot: 5 Beans For A Flavorful Brew

Moka pot: a classic, sturdy, and convenient coffee maker that produces a bitter-tasting brew no one can enjoy.



With the right coffee beans, Moka can make a flavorful and aromatic brew; sometimes even with a tiny bit of crema! Yup, it’s all about finding the perfect coffee.

Today, we’ll show you the best coffee for Moka pot. Because we want you to give this Italian stovetop brewer one more chance! And fall in love with it as much as we did.

Read on!

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What is Moka pot?

It’s an Italian classic – a traditional small stovetop European coffee maker, designed in 1933, giving the people an option to brew an espresso-style beverage in their own home.

Moka pot has been in my house a long favorite for a few reasons – these brewers are built to last, they’re easy to use, even easier to clean, and are very affordable as well as travel-friendly.

Best Coffee for Moka Pot: Top Selection

1. Volcanica Espresso Dark Roast – Best Overall

  • Dark roast
  • Tasting notes: sweet caramel, dense intensity, light acidity, and spice
  • Kosher certified
  • Whole beans and ground coffee available

Full body, light acidity, and hints of caramel and chocolate. That’s what this Dark Roast from Volcanica is all about. The coffee arrives at your doorstep freshly roasted (and ground) to ensure maximum freshness of each batch.

These beans are perfect for a Moka pot but not the best for super-automatic espresso machines since they’re too oily. The brew is bold, beautiful, and full of flavor; this one can easily become your morning go-to coffee. It’s definitely the best espresso for Moka pot (or one of the best) out there!

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2. Volcanica Mexican Coffee – Best Single Origin

  • Medium roast
  • Tasting notes: earthy cocoa tones, hints of roasted hazelnuts and cinnamon
  • Origin: Chiapas, Mexico
  • Whole bean and ground coffee available

Organically grown and Fair-trade certified, these Mexican beans will leave you craving for more. Another bonus is that the coffee is naturally low in acidity, and it’s suitable for a number of brewers, including Moka and espresso machines

Volcanica sources only high-quality beans from volcanic soil around the world. Mexican coffee is no exception. These Arabica beans produce a medium-bodied cup of coffee that’s best enjoyed black. It has warming cocoa tones with hints of sweet hazelnut and a dash of cinnamon. Smooth and rich. All you could want in a Mexican coffee.

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3. Lifeboost Espresso – Best Organic

  • Dark roast
  • Tasting notes: chocolate and caramel with hints of fruit
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Certified organic and fair-trade; mycotoxin-free

Lifeboost specializes in low acid coffee that’s suitable for all who care about their health and the environment. They grow, process, and roast high-quality Arabica beans from a single estate to ensure you’re getting the best product possible.

Espresso is their darkest roast which produces a rich brew, slightly sweet with hints of fruit that really makes it unique. Since the beans are naturally sweet, they’re a perfect match for Moka pot or espresso – mix them with milk; they can handle it!

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4. Koa Coffee Kona – Best Decaf

Koa Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Whole Bean 100percent Kona Coffee

  • Medium roast
  • Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, roasted hazelnut, honey
  • Origin: Kona, Hawaii
  • Swiss water decaffeinated, Kosher certified

Koa Coffee brings aloha into your cup with its perfect medium roast. The beans are sourced from a single estate on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano. They’re our top selection for decaf espresso beans, and for a good reason. If you browse the web, you’ll rarely find beans that match Koa for their quality and taste.

Choose from whole bean or ground Koa – in any case, it’s processed with minimal chemicals and retains maximum flavor. It’s rich and unique, and it’ll easily become your go-to afternoon decaf treat.

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Coffee Bros Espresso Roast – Best Medium Roast

  • Medium roast
  • Tasting notes: strawberry, sugar cane, vanilla
  • Origin: Ethiopia and Colombia
  • Whole bean coffee

Espresso Roast from CoffeeBros will drive your taste buds wild. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. This roasted-to-perfection blend highlights natural sugars and sweetness of the beans, making them a perfect coffee for a latte!

Vibrant and round body of this blend will give your taste buds a run for their money. Smooth as silk, these beans are surely very different from what you’ve been used to up to now. These are one of the best Moka pot coffee beans, but feel free to use them in an Aeropress if you wish, or any other espresso machine.

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Best Lavazza Coffee For a Moka Pot

You may be looking for Lavazza coffee to use with your Bialetti Moka Pot. I haven’t included a Lavazza coffee on the list for one single reason: if you’re already used to quality coffee beans from small roasters, you’ll most likely hate Lavazza taste. In my opinion, it has somewhat downgraded recently and I’ve stopped consuming it altogether. I’d suggest you rather invest in any of the beans listed above.

However, if you’re a die-hard Lavazza fan, I’d suggest you give this bag of Lavazza Super Crema a try. You’ll need a good coffee grinder since it’s only available as a whole bean blend, but as a classic Lavazza, it won’t disappoint.

Best Grind For Moka Pot

Choosing the right grind for a Moka pot is equally important as for any other coffee maker. The best grind to use is a medium to medium-fine grind.

Some people prefer a coarser grind (like for a pour-over), but others a finer grind, like for an espresso. We’d suggest you start with the recommended grind and work your way from there.

Best Roast For Moka Pot

The most common roast for espresso, in general, is dark roast or medium-dark roast because these two give a deep, rich flavor to the coffee. You could try using medium roast coffee (some of the beans above are quality medium roasts that work wonderfully for espresso); after all, it’s all about the individual taste.

Best Moka Coffee Maker

Based on my experience, I’d have to say that the best Moka Pot is Bialetti Venus because it’s durable, made of stainless steel (and not aluminum), and it works on a number of surfaces (induction included). It’s easy to clean, lightweight enough to be portable, and the handle is heat-proof. I’ve had my brewer for 8 years now and it has worked flawlessly all this time.

Tips for Brewing

Brewing coffee with a Moka pot can be rewarding, but it can be challenging as well.

  • Clean the pot before you brew coffee again; it’s important to keep it clean for the best coffee flavor
  • Clean it with hot water only (no soap/detergent)

Coffee Is Too Bitter

This is a common issue with many brew practices; Moka is no exception. It usually happens because of over-extraction (grounds are exposed to too much hot water or brewed too long).

In case coffee comes out too bitter, here are a few tips you can try:

  • Preheat water to reduce the amount of time Moka is on the stove
  • Use a coarser grind – a larger surface area of the grinds will slow down the extraction time and prevent over-extracting the coffee
  • Reduce the heat of your stove and brew on lower settings

Coffee Is Too Weak

On the other hand, under-extracting your coffee can result in a weak and watery brew.

  • Increase the brew time
  • Use a finer grind
  • Evenly distribute the grounds in the coffee basket

Moka Pot Crema

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Should you tamp a Moka pot?

No, you should not. The pressure here is much lower than that in an actual espresso machine. If you tamp it, it may result in over-extraction.

What are espresso beans?

They are coffee beans that are roasted for a longer time. In most cases, they are dark roasted coffee beans – they have minimal acidity and a fuller body.

How long does it take to make stovetop espresso?

Moka pot usually brews coffee in about 5 minutes. Including preparing and grinding beans, it would take you about 10-15 minutes from start to finish (plus another 2 minutes for cleanup).

Best Coffee For Moka Pot: A Recap

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to make espresso-like beverages at home, Moka pot is a great choice. It’s especially suitable for those who refuse to splurge on expensive beasts of serious espresso machines.

After all, it’s sturdy, durable, and travel-friendly, and it can give you a delicious cup of coffee with a minimum learning curve.

The most important thing to know about making a good cup of coffee with a Moka Pot (apart from keeping it clean) is the correct coffee. Not all beans can make a good brew with this coffee maker.

We tested Moka with all the beans listed above, but if I had to choose one, it would be Volcanica Espresso Dark Roast. The company specializes in coffee grown on volcanic soil. They only offer 100% Arabica beans, freshly roasted and ground on demand. Apart from the quality, they offer whole bean (for the perfectionists) and ground coffee (for the pragmatists).



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