Ninja Coffee Bar Recipes

13 Ninja Coffee Bar Recipes To Make Today

Do you have a ninja coffee bar but lack coffee recipe ideas? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re a regular at Starbucks or need a coffee treat far too often, you want to consider an alternative that won’t completely destroy your budget.

That’s why we’re talking about ninja coffee bar recipes that you can start making today and save money! Ready? Let’s dive in!

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What Is Ninja Coffee Bar?

For those of you who don’t know, the ninja coffee bar has been called many names: innovative, a must-have, brilliant and many more. In other words, it’s a brewing system that’s one of the most popular coffee maker brands on the market today. It’s packed with settings, which allows you to fully customize each cup of coffee you make. Want to know more? Read about the best ninja coffee bar here.

Let’s have a look at the recipes for now!

Best ninja coffee bar recipes

Because Ninja is so incredibly versatile, you can enjoy a whole range of different drinks from the comfort of your own kitchen. Yes, the initial price doesn’t look too budget-friendly, but if you think about how many Starbucks lattes and other specialty coffees you drink throughout the week, you can easily save up for this machine instead and make the following delicious cups and mugs of coffee every day!

Cinnamon spiced latte

Let’s kick off September with a cinnamon-spiced latte. Take it with ice, cream or to go, this is an easy recipe to make in your Ninja coffee bar. This latte combines all the goodness of chilly weather but it keeps you cozily warm on the inside. Don’t forget about nutmeg!

Caramel latte

If you need a large cup with flavoring and warm deliciousness, try this recipe. Sea salt is a must and with only 4 ingredients, you can whip up this lovely recipe in no time. It’s very straightforward to make and the heavy cream makes it all even better!

Caramel macchiato

This gorgeous one comes from the Ninjas themselves. You’ll need a frother for this recipe to enjoy the creamy fluffy texture of coffee, enriched with caramel sauce. The recipe is very simple but you can add your own twist to it if you’d like!

Almond milk cappuccino

But this one is even fluffier and creamier, but it’s completely non-dairy. Almond milk adds a little extra to this cup of coffee and it will likely ruin you forever. Sprinkle the fluffy foam with cinnamon and cocoa powder if you wish!

Iced coffee agua fresca

But you can easily do iced coffee with your Ninja as well! And when you do, make sure to give this recipe a try. Think a cinnamon stick, milk, and granulated sugar. Throw in coffee and you’re almost there.

Mocha Caramel Macchiato

Another easy recipe on the list, you’ll need 3 ingredients to make a delicious, decadent mocha latte. It’s mocha and cappuccino, latte and espresso, all in one! Avoid drooling if you can and go brew some for yourself!

Peppermint white chocolate mocha

This is where Ninja business gets real. You take the coffeemaker and you use it to make a creamy happy homemade mocha with white chocolate and peppermint. You can even change regular milk for coconut to give it an extra kick. You’ll enjoy this one one gulp at a time!

Salted caramel affogato

Right, and we’re not yet done with gorgeous coffee recipes. This one is a great excuse to have two awesome things for breakfast: coffee and ice-cream! Caramel binds the creamy ice-cream with strong and serious coffee. That gives you a perfect concoction of flavor and a great excuse for a caffeine boost!

Cookies and cream coffee frappe

Save your trip to the coffee shop and make your own frappe instead. You’ll need cookies and cream. And coffee and a few other things that will give you a perfect coffee swirl and prevent you from returning to a coffee shop ever again!

Almond milk latte

An elevated almond milk coffee, you’ll need a few extracts for this one and a cup of a very strongly brewed coffee. This would make a great iced coffee as well, or even cold brew, if that’s your thing. Make it in under 2 minutes and enjoy it one sip at a time!

Skinny iced mocha latte

Designed for a Ninja brewer, this recipe is easy yet skinny. Fewer calories and sugar than many others on the list, so use it if you’re trying to cut down those sorts of things. You can also have a look into healthy creamers and their alternatives. You’ll combine protein powder, syrup and coffee and top it all with frothed milk.

Caramel pumpkin spice iced latte

Last but not least, you’ve been waiting for this one, haven’t you? Just in time for the fall season, here you go. And it’s iced so you can still enjoy it when days get warmer! It’s a great combo when you crave for coffee and something sweet. Plus, the spices are an absolute must!

Ninja coffee bar recipe book

Don’t have enough of the recipes up there? Well, try this detailed ninja coffee bar recipe book pdf for all the ideas you might need when it comes to experimenting with recipes!

FAQ on Ninja coffee bar

Can you make espresso with a ninja coffee bar?

Wondering about the ninja coffee bar espresso shot? Let me disappoint you a bit. Ninja bar doesn’t make real espresso. Still, it enables you to make a shot of espresso by properly adjusting your coffee to water ratio. It can make a concentrated brew that could serve as a replacement in the coffee recipes whenever for an espresso shot.

How do you make a latte with a ninja coffee maker?

Have a look at the video below to see how to make a latte with ninja brewer:

Best Ninja coffee bar recipes: a recap

Finding the right recipe can be a real money saver. Yes, I swear by a macchiato any day, but getting a large mug of iced or hot coffee with a twist is just so rewarding!

Getting the right coffee maker that will allow you to experiment with your coffee recipes can save you a ton of money (get a travel mug as well and you can wave Starbucks goodbye!) and leave space for improvisation and being creative. Making your own coffee at home also makes a healthier alternative to fancy coffee drinks you order at your favorite coffee shop.

Ninja coffee bar enables you to fully customize your every cup, there are dozens of recipes you can start creating today. And the recipes above are just the beginning of an incredible coffee journey!

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