Awesome gifts for coffee snobs

20 Awesome Gifts For Coffee Snobs This Holiday Season (Buyer’s Guide)

Finding the most awesome gifts for coffee snobs can be one of the toughest tasks on the planet. I am fully aware of how demanding we might be! But, you still love them, don’t you?

To ease your pain, I’ve gathered a list of 20 best presents for coffee lovers to put on your shopping ideas today. Whether quirky or practical, dig in, there’s something for everyone!

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According to this study, there are people who tend to spend more on coffee than investing in their retirement plan! And the Americans spend about $1,100 each year on coffee on average. Huge, huh?

With Christmas approaching, it can be daunting to find great gifts for coffee addicts. So coming from one, I’ve put together more than 20 best coffee gifts and ideas on how to make your coffee drinkers happy. Because…you just might want them to think about their retirement as well!

Gifts for coffee snobs: Coffee mugs

There’s always room for another set of coffee cups and mugs in any kitchen. They make a nice gift and they’re pretty straightforward; you buy the one you like!

1.      Travel mug

A practical and convenient gift that lasts longer than the first washing-machine accident, a travel mug is a must for anyone who moves around on a regular basis and is religiously addicted to coffee. There are a few companies that are more reputable than the others and you can find them all on Amazon. Some of these are:

  • Tumbler
  • Bodum
  • Contigo
  • Thermos

You can choose from more versatile and beautifully printed bamboo fiber travel mugs as well (that are eco-friendly!); not all travel mugs that help to transport a hot brown liquid have to be boring and serious! Choose from colorful retro, black and white stripes, and happy prints with colorful patterns and flowers.

There are a few things in mind to consider before you decide which travel mug is the one of the awesome gifts for coffee snobs in your life. Have a look at this buying guide for more information!

  • Keeps coffee warm
  • Transportable
  • Reduces waste (of any coffee shop takeaway cups)

The perfect gift for: daily, weekly, monthly travelers no matter the transportation method. Whether they travel to work, to a classroom, to a day in the park or a trip to the nearest bookstore.

2.      Fancy-looking Coffee Cups and Mugs

A new coffee mug? Yes, please. It’s a fact that people can never have enough of cups and mugs for every occasion. Some cups are strictly morning, others strictly afternoon.

  1. Campfire ceramic mug (for those who love the great outdoors at all times)
  2. Artsy creative ceramic mugs (Anthropologie has a ton of gorgeous ones!- for those who’re all about art, unique, and stylish)
  3. Espresso coffee cup sets (for the pragmatists)
  4. A morning coffee mug (for those who can’t face the music without the coffee first, world later)

The perfect gift for: any coffee drinker, be it lover or hater, a hobbyist or an amateur. Just choose the coffee mug of their style and you’re good to go!

Gifts for coffee snobs: Coffee makers

When shopping for a coffee maker, the options are vast and you can get easily lost in the sea of products. That’s why I’ve gathered 6 out-of-the-ordinary coffee makers that will surely leave that coffee snob in your life impressed.

Still, if you’re on a budget and looking for something more affordable and simple, check my post on best coffee makers under 50 right here.

3.      French press maker

Another beautiful addition to any coffee lover’s table, French press coffee makers are unique and a must have coffee gadgets in every serious coffee household. To get a better idea at how does it work, have a look at my post on how to use the French press. Depending on the level of your coffee friend, you might even make a small printout on how to use the maker and add an extra touch to the gift!

A timeless Italian design is a combination of borosilicate glass and stainless steel. But don’t be fooled, there are many versions of French press makers; you can choose between all stainless steel or even porcelain design!

  • Lovely design
  • Delicious aroma and flavor of the coffee
  • Different sizes available

The perfect gift for: any coffee lover who hasn’t had the pleasure to give the French press a try. It does come with a learning curve and some patience so it’s best for those who are really into the whole process of learning how to make the best coffee no matter the maker or machine!

4.      Moka pot coffee maker

Those of you who have been around here for a while know that my heart lies with a Moka pot coffee. It makes a lovely-tasting brew with a gorgeously rich scent that fills up the entire kitchen. It’s amazing how some soft bubbling in the pot can make a morning seem brighter.

Another Italian classic on the list, the stove-top espresso maker has been a must in my home for years and in the Italian households for that much longer! The brew is strong and fragrant. After all, who doesn’t love a creamy tasteful espresso?

  • Easy to use
  • Various sizes available
  • A quite quick brew time

The perfect gift for: newbies, coffee lovers, Sunday coffee drinkers; basically anyone who loves a good cup of coffee!

5.      Chemex coffeemaker

A classic yet stylish pour-over glass coffee maker is one of the great gifts for coffee addicts. It may be old-school (invented back in 1941) but it’s nevertheless timeless and makes a delicious coffee few can resist.

This iconic coffee maker makes every table look more attractive and it makes you want to try the coffee brewed in it. It looks like an elegant laboratory beaker, dressed up fancy for the night on the town with a hint of intoxicating perfume and classy heels.

Don’t let the looks deceive you; it’s straightforward to use. All you need is the coffeemaker, coffee beans, coffee grinder, hot water, and Chemex filters.

  • A classic coffee maker
  • Suitable for any coffee lover
  • Affordable yet amazing gift

The perfect gift for: anyone from a newbie to a die-hard coffee aficionado

6.      Turkish coffee set

For the curious coffee enthusiast people in your life, Ibrik or Turkish coffee maker is all they need to brew a few cups of a different style coffee that takes them all over the world in one sip!

While you can get an ordinary coffee pot, I’d recommend you look for the handmade and traditional set with beautiful engravings. Depending on your budget, you can get matching cups as well and some ground Turkish coffee to fit the gift basket!

Why not make the whole coffee as a drink, coffee time, and the brew an art with this special maker!

  • Beautiful design
  • Widens the horizon of drinking coffee
  • Comes with 2 coffee cups

The perfect gift for: the curious ones who want to broaden the horizon of the coffee culture around the world

7.      Handpresso- Espresso On The Go

One of the weirdest gadgets on this list is probably this portable coffee maker which is somewhat a hybrid between a bike pump, an espresso maker, and one of those gadgets you can’t be sure what they actually do for the life of you.

The Handpress is pretty straightforward; all you need is a coffee pod or ground coffee and freshly boiled water. I must admit, I find this appliance very amusing, original, and quite handy. But the downside is that the coffee tastes watery no matter the quality of the grounds. If your coffee aficionado doesn’t mind because they’re first and foremost a traveler, I’d suggest you get one just for the sake of it. After all, you can’t deny it’s not original!

  • Allows ground coffee and E.S.E. coffee pods (Easy Serving Espresso)
  • Handy for traveling
  • Easy to use

The perfect gift for: travelers that are ready to conquer the world but don’t take time to go to a coffee shop or make coffee over a campfire, a stove or anywhere else for that matter.

8.      Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

Coffee can also be a treat, not just a power-drink that loads your energy levels. While cold brew can help to soothe scorching heat flashes during summer, it can also serve as an excellent touch to all the cocktails you make in December holiday festivities.

There are various options when it comes to cold brew makers, but the trick is to get one that’s plastic free, made with stainless steel and glass. Getting a better quality means also it can keep the coffee cold for longer!

  • Easy to use
  • Practical all year round

The perfect gift for: anyone who loves their cold-brew coffee all year round, especially in summer!

Gifts for coffee snobs: Coffee beans

What’s there not to love when it comes to gifting coffee beans? After all, the options are vast and you can easily stay original by bringing flavors of different parts of the world to your coffee lover’s kitchen. With international beans, it’s all about the variety, a new experience, and a quick trip around the world with a single cup!

9.      Exotic coffee beans

Think outside the box here. You have the option to bring the best gourmet coffee from around the world into your friend’s kitchen. You can choose from whole coffee beans from Sumatra, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, and much more!

The coffee beans don’t necessarily have to be exotic just because they originally live around the Equator. It can be exotic for various reasons; did you know you can get a Sumatra Coffee that strives for the preservation of the Orangutan? Even a classic Lavazza can be an exotic brand if you’ve never tried it.

  • Versatility
  • New Flavors

The perfect gift for: either a traveler that you know and desperately sings odes to that mind-blowing coffee they drank back in…. (insert random country here); I love to do that and I know, I’m not the only one! Also great for those who love to experiment with coffees and flavors.

10.      Coffee subscription box

If you’re not the one who loves to choose presents for people because it’s too tiring, time-consuming, stressful, and it eats into your free time when you should go for a beer or a glass of wine with your band of brothers/sisters, I’ve found a perfect solution!

Did you know that you can simply purchase a coffee subscription box and have it delivered as a gift to the address of your targeted favorite person? I love the idea, and I’m not the only one! There are many online reviews raving about the experience, so I figured you might be interested! I certainly am, head-to-toe interested, and perhaps I’ll get myself a subscription as well. It would make a great yet early Christmas gift!

Anyway, there are two subscriptions I’d recommend (even though my heart lies with the second option):

  1. DriftAway Coffee

If giving this as a gift, you choose the size, the frequency of the package (every two weeks or every month), the length of the subscription (3, 6, 12 months). Optionally, you can also add gear to the subscription box (choose from the aeropress brewer, burr grinder, Hario scale, and others).

Every subscription includes:

  • Whole bean coffee for any brewer
  • 5 cents donations to World Coffee Research
  • Shipping every Friday
  • Option to rate and review all coffees
  1. Atlas Coffee Club

Doesn’t it sound adventurous and old-school? I just love it. There are three different subscription boxes to choose from: starter (3-month), standard (6-month), and coffee lover (12-month).

Every subscription includes:

  • Gourmet exotic coffee
  • Tasting profile of each batch
  • Brewing recommendations
  • Postcard for each country
  • Freshness guarantee

The perfect gift for: anyone who loves coffee, geography, postcards, experimenting, adventures, stories, and donating.

11.      The world’s strongest coffee

Can’t seem to wake up? Is every cup of coffee too weak? This is a perfect gift who want to challenge Mother Nature herself and beat sleeping patterns embedded in our DNA. I’d happily tell you there is a coffee that claims to wake up the dead only with its powerful black aroma that reaches into the depths to the Lucifer himself.

Well, there’s not. What I mean to say, there is more than one such vile drink that can turn the life of your coffee snobs upside down. There are three coffees currently available on the market, all competing for the title of the strongest brew since the dawn of time:

  1. Black Insomnia Coffee (#SleepingIsCheating, or so they say!)
  2. Valhalla Java (Harness the power of Odin!)
  3. Death Wish Coffee (Awaken your inner rebel!)

The perfect gift for: anyone who’s given up on staying awake. All those, who hate Mondays. All night owls, metalheads who claim that black is their favorite color, all Thor admirers who want to enter Valhalla, and all who hate anything -cchino related: Frappuccino, mochaccino, cappuccino, all lattes, and Starbucks related inventions!

Gifts for coffee snobs: Coffee accessories

Yes, the vintage coffee mugs and exotic coffee beans from another part of the planet can surely make the coffee time a more pleasant and exciting experience. But, a few funky coffee gadgets can bring the experience to a whole new level and enable your coffee lover to become even snobbier and more versed in brewing their favorite cup of Joe!

12.      Coffee scale and timer

To avoid the approximate measuring and faulty scoops that never enable you to get the coffee right, a scale is a must. Ideally, the one with measures in small increments (0.1g minimum) that will enable you to brew an excellent batch of king coffee every time you set your mind to it. Just ask any barista; improvising may be great for the cooking chefs on 24Kitchen, but it won’t help you make good coffee if you only think that you know that you’re doing.

Oh, and an auto shutoff is a welcome feature to any scale. Trust me, it saves the life of your batteries beyond your wildest dreams. After all, that morning fog is a powerful blend of magic few can resist!

  • Battery operated
  • Precise measurements
  • Auto power off

The perfect gift for: the coffee snobs who carefully weigh every bean, every single ground of their precious organic java.

13.      Burr grinder

Once you have the scale, you need a professional and a well-built burr grinder that’s willing to face anything you throw into its face. Literally.

Owning a burr grinder is an excellent way to upgrade the coffee habits of your coffee freak. With a grinder, they can stop buying pre-ground coffee and actually focus on tasty fragrant whole coffee beans from around the world and test them out into forever.

But, even choosing a simple gadget like this isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are a few different options for these appliances:

  1. Electric burr grinder

No matter what machines you use for brewing your cuppa, a good burr grinder will prepare those grounds for espresso, French press, a pour over, and other types of machines as well.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a burr grinder that’s quiet enough as far as the quiet and these gadgets go. It should have settings that can easily provide a reliable ground and numerous grinding options!

  1. Manual grinder

Yes, why grind manually when you can do it electrically, more elegant and faster? Well, because some coffee snobs actually love to be involved in the entire brewing process. This is also a great option for any travelers out there, just make sure to get one that’s small enough, well-made, and easily transportable!

  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Access to more coffee varieties
  • Various grinding options

The perfect gift for: anyone who takes their coffee seriously.

14.      Coffee Roaster

If you think burr grinder and a scale are already overdoing it, you haven’t thought it thought well enough. Don’t forget about a coffee roaster! And not just any kind of roaster that lets out smoke signals to other tribes that you’re making coffee. Also, not the one that burns any amount of coffee you put it. No, think bigger than that (unless you’ve had a dream of owning a smoke-signal machine since you were a little kid)!

Think an appliance that looks good on the kitchen counter, fits with the rest of the kitchen design, and is practical in terms of zero smoke, easy use, and incredible results.

  • Can roast different amounts of coffee at a time
  • Zero smoke
  • Easy to use

The perfect gift for: coffee enthusiasts who want a complete control over their morning, afternoon, evening, and an everything-in-between cup of coffee.

15.      Pour Over Kit

If you’ve ever been convinced that coffee is a simple thing, you’ve probably changed your mind going down this extensive list. The good part is that now you’ve got a few items on the awesome gifts for coffee snobs. But, sadly or luckily, the list isn’t done yet!

We’ve talked about all connected to coffee by now, but it’s here that we take a step away. Many forget about that the accessories linked to boiling water more often than not. That’s why we’ll talk about the pour over kit, which in this case consists of two parts (plus the additional filters). So here we go.

  1. Coffee Dripper

An elegant and uncomplicated brewer, any coffee dripper makes a lovely addition to your household, especially if you don’t own any coffee makers that are electricity-free. This is a great option for the social events and laid-back afternoons, as you can brew anywhere between one and several cups of coffee in one go.

  1. Pour Over Kettle

This kettle is only for the snobs, really. Because it enables them to further control the making of their coffee. After all, the gooseneck of the kettle allows the perfect pouring control. Obviously, to achieve that, the kettle has to be of good quality material. Ideally, it should also come with a built-in temperature indicator that informs the brewer of the water temperature.

  • Affordable gift
  • Single-serve and multi-serve
  • Enables a carefully monitored brew

The perfect gift for: those who have control issues and don’t rely on anyone else making the perfect cup of the most perfect-est coffee.

16.      Electric kettle

Well, if you think a pour over kettle from the previous suggestion was not up to your standards, go with the electric kettle instead. The idea is basically the same; you’re looking for a gooseneck design. Because the longer the neck, the more control it gives you when brewing that perfect cup of coffee.

  • Temperature control
  • Keeps water warm for longer

The perfect gift for: anyone who doesn’t want the pour over kettle without electricity, but is equally demanding when it comes to their brew.

17.      Milk Frother

Not everyone is a black coffee lover. Some love their latte, others their macchiato. Why deprive them of the pleasure of making the perfect creamy foam on top of their perfectly brewed coffee?

A milk frother is practical and straightforward. After adding it to their coffee gadget collection, your coffee lover pal will feel like the ultimate barista in his own kitchen!

  • Allows creamy coffee recipes
  • Easily operated
  • Works with non-dairy milks

The perfect gift for: those obsessed with a perfect creamy foam and layered milk in their glass cup of coffee. Also for those who enjoy lattes, and other, more inspirational, original, and sweetly delicious variations of coffee with milk.

18.      Cup warmer

While there are a dozen ways of how to keep your coffee warm, cup warmer maybe one of the best options. This mini hot plate is easily transportable from your home to work, dorm, home office, or wherever you brainstorm and bite nails on a daily basis.

  • Keeps coffee warm for longer
  • Portable
  • Practical

The perfect gift for: anyone who hates their coffee cold.

Gifts for coffee snobs: Books

And when every other idea fails, a book is always a good gift. Combine it with some good coffee beans from Amazon or your local coffee shop and fuel that fire of knowledge and love for coffee!

19.      The World Atlas of Coffee (James Hoffmann)

Coffee snobs know stuff about coffee. It’s a fact. They test it, they read about it, they try it, and they constantly and thoroughly research it. If you love them enough (to put up with the annoying obsession and tasty coffee) or see them on only rare occasions, this is the book to consider giving them.

Yes, it’s like pouring oil on a fire, but the book is well written and it will keep them occupied long enough to give you a break with from the latest coffee news. The book is loaded with facts about coffee, the history, growing regions, beans, brewing, grinding, the varieties, and much more.

The perfect gift for: those who not only thirst for coffee but knowledge as well!

20.      Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee (Mark Pendergrast)

Allow your coffee pals to become even more knowledgeable in the coffee area. For those who believe the World Atlas is merely a high school book, Uncommon grounds may fuel their curiosity. As the Wall Street Journal puts is it, this book is

A focused and juicy history of our last legal and socially acceptable drug.

The book covers the process from harvest to cup. It may be a history book, but it reads easily and it’s even entertaining! It’s an insight into the behind-the-scenes of the world of coffee, intertwined with fun facts and a ton of information, which make this a must of the list of awesome gifts for coffee snobs!

The perfect gift for: the hardcore coffee fans who read the newspapers with their Saturday coffee, love espresso, and want to try the world’s deadliest coffee!

Before you go…

Choosing the best presents for coffee lovers is both a challenge and not. Well, I definitely hope that it’s less of a challenge after going through the extensive list up there!

On the other hand, remember that it’s all about the character. Think about your coffee enthusiasts before purchasing; do they love adventures and travel? Do they love quirky or only strictly practical? Are they all about the whole process, from the bean to the cup, or do they like to play around with different recipes and improvise?

Think of your coffee friend when buying a present and it will make the decision of the right gift for that coffee snob in your life much easier!

Happy Coffee-Time!

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