Tired of drinking poor-quality coffee?

Easily confused by coffee gear and brewing styles?

Can’t find the best beans for your taste?

Hi! My name is Steph and from one coffee aficionado to another, I bring you quality reviews, lists, and guides of the hottest coffee-related items and queries currently on the market!

I’ve worked in the coffee business. I’ve got years of experience as a barista. I completely understand the importance and difficulties of getting that high-quality brew daily. Let me help you understand the basics behind the coffee philosophy. Let’s make coffee simple – I’ll help you get started with a great brew today!

(On a more personal note, if I’m not travelling the world (and tasting local delicacies, coffee included), you can find me binge-watching Game of Thrones and making a mess in my kitchen. Because everything good starts with coffee!)

Let’s learn how to make delicious coffee together!

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New around here? Let me help you a bit…

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